At AccountancyManager, we’ve always been good at releasing new features and the odd integration now and again. But since the start of 2021, the sheer number and speed of these releases has completely transformed AccountancyManager.

“If you compare AM now to what it was a year ago… it can just do so much more – and it’s only going to get better.”

-James Byrne, CEO

It might look the same, but behind every new button, tab and field is immeasurable new possibilities. Not just for minimising your admin and saving time, but for optimising your practice. The way you work, the services you provide and, most importantly, the experience of your clients. 

James Byrne, CEO, said it best in a recent team meeting. “Everything we do comes down to one thing. Buying thousands and thousands of people across the country more time. That is such a beautiful, powerful thing.”

Considerably faster…

When you make changes to AccountancyManager, an awful lot happens behind the scenes. But although the complexity continues to grow, loading times continue to decrease. Compared to this time a year ago, AM is multiple times faster.

…And fast becoming Ireland’s leading practice management software 

For a while now, we’ve been working with Paddy Quinn and his team over in Dublin to perfect AM for the Irish market. (It wasn’t quite as simple as changing the £ to a €.) Paddy also said he’d pass the word along. 

“It feels good, it looks good, it’s easy to use. I like that it’s such a progressive system too. It fits in really neatly with where we’re trying to go as a firm.”

-Paddy Quinn, Paddy Quinn & Co Chartered Accountants

Turns out he has quite a few friends. We are thrilled to see AccountancyManager fast becoming the onboarding and practice management system of choice for Irish accountants and bookkeepers. Today, Ireland. Tomorrow, the world. 

4 award shortlistings (and counting)

The team at AccountancyManager has never deserved an award as much as they do this year. Fingers and toes crossed the judges agree. So far, AccountancyManager has been shortlisted for:


  • UK Tech Awards SAAS Company of the Year 
  • AccountingExcellence Partnerships Award


  • AccountingExcellence Practice Management Software of the Year (voting is still open)

James Byrne has also beaten thousands of entrants to gain a coveted spot on the Great British Entrepreneur Awards Finalists list for Scale-up Entrepreneur of the Year. 

13 new members of staff since January

We started the year with a team of 23. Now, we’ve just hit the 36 mark and we’re still hiring. Let us introduce the new members of the AM team since January.

Development team

Seb Ellis – QA Test Analyst

Nav Mohammed – Senior Developer

Luke Raynor – Senior Developer 

Samir Patel – Senior Developer

Martin Smith – Senior Front End Developer 

James Reilly has also been promoted to Product Lead.

Support team

Ayman Jeewa joins Rachel, Liston and Matt as a Support and QA Agent. We’re also recruiting for a fifth member of the support team.

Marketing and sales teams

Adam Williams – Marketing Assistant

Hayley Siklodi – Sales and Account Manager 

Leadership and business support

Kevin McCallum – CEO 

Kath Tenner – CFO

Syed Adeel – Accountant 

Emily Paramore – HR Assistant

James Byrne is stepping down from his role as CEO and stepping up into his role of Chairman. Read more about our leadership transformation.

“The journey we have been on over the past 4 and half years is just incredible. Externally – with thousands of accountants and bookers adopting AM across the UK and Ireland. And internally – growing from just myself and business partner Alex Hawke to a team of 36. I’ve been very lucky to lead such a wonderful team of intelligent people and I’m really excited to watch AM go on to the next level as I hand over my current position to Kevin McCallum, AM’s new CEO.”

-James Byrne, Chairman

5 new integrations: Sage, QuickBooks, GoProposal, Zapier and Office 365.

Everything we add to AccountancyManager is to take manual processes off your hands. Integrations mean that we’re not only saving you time in AccountancyManager, but in your other systems too. 

Sync client details in Sage and Quickbooks

You can now sync client details in AccountancyManager (in both directions) with Sage and QuickBooks. So any changes in AM will automatically apply in your other systems – and vice versa.

This means you can save time manually entering data or making changes, avoid human error and trust that all details are up to date in all your systems. You can also create QuickBooks invoices in AM and see your clients’ profit and loss without having to switch screens over to QuickBooks.

These accounting software integrations add to our existing integrations with Xero and FreeAgent.

Connect AM with thousands of apps through Zapier

In terms of giving you new possibilities, our Zapier integration is our biggest release… ever. You can create ‘Zaps’ which will automatically push (or pull) information from (or to) AccountancyManager and thousands of other apps. 

“With AccountancyManager, GoCardless, GoProposal and all of these things now talking to each other we can make a really slick system.”

-Aaron Patrick, Boffix

If you think of a software or app you use, it’s probably on Zapier – Dext (ReceiptBank), Stripe, GoCardless, PayPal, Slack, Google Sheets, MailChimp, TypeForm, Google Lead Form Extensions, Salesforce and many more. 

Send and receive emails from AM using our Office 365 integration

If you have an Office 365 account you can use our Office 365 integration to send and receive emails. Just enter your Office 365 login details and your outgoing email will be set up straight away. You can then click the option to automatically set up a forwarding rule too and forward all of the emails you receive to AM so they can be added to your Client Timelines automatically.

This joins our existing Gmail integration. AM doesn’t just limit you to those two either, you have the option to link many other platforms as well.

White Labelling: Your brand. Your URL. Your Client Portal.

This release was a big deal, both internally and among our clients. And when you see the difference between simply adding your brand colours to the portal and completely reskinning it, you’ll see why. 

You’ve always been able to add a few branding elements to the Client Portal. But your clients would still see ‘AccountancyManager’ in the web address and our brand green and font for buttons and text.

Now, with our white-labelling release, you can completely reskin the Client Portal to look like part of your website – and choose your own subdomain. Not an AM in sight. 

“Clients don’t know who AccountancyManager is and I think that’s the right thing, because they want it to be Boffix.”

-Aaron Patrick, Boffix

Aaron Patrick at Boffix has already had fun with all the new design options, including the full-screen image of your choice that sits behind the portal. “We use the white labelling function, so we have our own Client Portal now… from a client’s point of view anyway!” 

“It makes it inviting for clients. It’s a great addition. It was a no brainer for us. It does look good. We’ve now got it redirected directly from our website. It just makes it easier for the client doesn’t it?”

‘Recently Uploaded’ tab added to the Client Portal

Whether you choose to white label the portal or not, your clients can now find recently uploaded documents faster with our new tab. 

This joins last years’ enhancements to the portal such as organising your documents into folders and the (tremendously popular) list of accounting dates and deadlines for your clients to check whenever they like.

New automations take a daily job and an annual job off your hands

Still haven’t received records after four reminders? We’ll give you a nudge.

One of the core features of AM is the automated record requests and reminders, which ask your clients to provide their records when you need them. A couple of users asked whether AM could tell them if a client had been chased a few times and still not responded. 

So now, AccountancyManager will automatically notify you after your client has received four reminders. As always, you can run a quick check of all clients that you’re still waiting on using the Client List. 

Automatically ask your clients to resign Letters of Engagement

12 months after your client has signed their letter of engagement, a ready-made and personalised email will be sent to your client asking them to re-sign. As always, they can quickly review and sign in their portal. Easy LoE-asy.

Manage your emails with our all-new Email Manager

You can make it so that any email you receive will automatically come through into AccountancyManager. (By setting up a forwarding rule in your email server.) If the email is from a client, AM will automatically store it under the right client on their Client Timeline. 

With the new Email Manager, you can see all these emails in one place – and change where an email is stored. 

For example, perhaps you’re helping a client with a mortgage application and their broker keeps emailing you for information. The broker’s email address won’t be stored on the client’s file, but you can add the email the broker has sent you to the Client Timeline.

The Email Manager is a similar solution to our Notifications Manager, added last year. 

You can also create new tasks for yourself or your team by clicking on from emails in your Email Manager.

The Client Timeline becomes a quick-link haven

Resend emails from the Client Timeline

The Client Timeline records and time-stamps all emails and replies to and from clients, documents added and signed in the Portal and any changes to client details. It acts as a handy audit trail, especially for proving a client has received certain information. (You can even see if they’ve opened the email.) 

Now, when your client claims they haven’t received an email and you find it on their Client Timeline, you can simply click to forward it on again.

Create task from timeline email

If you get an email that results in you or your team having to complete a task (whatever it might be), simply create the task by clicking on the email from the Client Timeline. The new task will be pre-populated with the Client and assigned user. Access the originating email by clicking the email icon against the task in the Task List – and in the task details. 

A sneak peek at what’s coming next

Companies House submissions – CS01 filings imminent release

The best new and improved workflow tool on the market

Reporting and customising the Dashboard (overview page) with different widgets

Time & Fees reporting enhancements

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