At Telleroo we talk to our customers all the time. You tell us what you need and how Telleroo can be improved and we do our best to implement changes. Here are the updates we’ve made to the platform recently based (mostly) on what you’ve told us.

Managing users

Internal pay run review

You said: “We want execs to prepare pay runs and someone else to review their work quickly before we send them on to clients for approval.”

Our solution: Accountant review function. When the exec has finished ‘prepping’ pay run work you can review before sending on to clients.

Where to find it: Find this on the client page.

Select which companies users see + Manager role

You said: “We want to be able to select which companies teammates can and can’t see on the Telleroo platform.”

Our solution: As an admin, when you invite/edit a teammate you can now select the companies that they can see on the system

Where to find it:  Find this on the user page

Manager Role

This role allows the user to add and amend reviewers for companies. This was important for busy admins who don’t have time to login, then add and remove reviewers.

Simplifying payments

Single payment approval

You can now approve single payments in a pay run or on the transactions page. These won’t hold up pay runs any more.

Downloadable payment receipts

You said: “It would be good to send payees proof of payment easily without having to request one from us.”

Our solution: You can download PDF payment receipts from the transaction page for any payees who can’t find the Telleroo payment or would just like proof.

Where to find it: On your clients transaction page

Chaser emails sent for missed funding or approval

When a client has forgotten to approve or fund a pay run by the scheduled date, we automatically send a chaser email to all client approvers on that account to give them a little nudge.

Improved Integrations

ApprovalMax link for payments

If you’re using the Xero bill sync and we detect the payment was approved using ApprovalMax, you will now see the option to ‘view’ the request in ApprovalMax.

Xero batch failed payment

When a payment fails from a pay run created using the new Xero bill sync, you can now edit the batch in Xero and remove the payment without a duplicate batch being created.

Want some bling?

White labelling using your accountancy logo (beta)

We now have the option to give you a custom URL for the login page that will display your accounting firm’s logo. Once the client logs in, they will see your logo in the top left corner too.

Bug fixes – thanks for flagging!

  • Approve payment button was in pay run drop down, which was hard to find. Now it’s easy to find outside of the dropdown.
  • Single payment batches were getting stuck. We now have a fix to stop this happening.
  • Creator not able to connect to Staffology payroll. Now you can.
  • When a payment was removed from the Xero batch in Telleroo, we recreated the batch in Xero with today’s date instead of the scheduled date. We now use the scheduled date.
  • Sometimes we showed payment status like ‘approved’/’approving’ when we should have shown ‘preparing’. We’re now showing ‘preparing’
  • Copy clipboard on awaiting funds amount added and improved clip board on your own Telleroo bank details. Your bank details clipboard used to copy both the account number and sort code together, now you can copy these separately.


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