App Advisory Plus Member Offers

Members on our Essentials and Professional plans get access to a range of great offers from some of the best apps on the market.

ApprovalMax – Sign up for ApprovalMax Partner Programme and receive a free ApprovalMax Partner Edition

Capitalise – 50% off your first month’s subscription when you subscribe through App Advisory Plus

Chaser – Get setup support for your first two clients, including onboarding, training, and assistance

CitrusHR – Get a free CitrusHR license for your practice for 1 year and 10% off for your clients

Fathom – Get a 30 day extended free trial (usually 14 days)

Float – Get 20% off subscription fees for one year

Pleo – Get an extended two month trial for you practice and reduced pricing for your clients

Practice Ignition – Get 50% off for the first 3 months on all plans for new customers

Satago – Get 50% off your Satago subscription for the first 3 months

Scoro – Get 25% off Scoro’s Pro and Custom onboarding plans

Skore – Get the Quantify Module FREE for 6 months and 50% off Training when you subscribe to their £25 starter pack

Silverfin – Get your setup and configuration fee waived

Tripcatcher – Get your free trial extended to 2 months

Zahara – Get a free 10 user account and 15% off all subscriptions

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