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Unleashed does not have a direct integration with WooCommerce. However there are a few different options to ensure that data is shared.


  • When a Order is created in WooCommerce, send the Order to Unleashed
  • When Stock is updated in Unleashed, update Stock Levels in WooCommerce

Sales data would in this instance be sent from Unleashed to the connected accounting package, so there would not be a requirement to integrate WooCommerce with your accounting package.

Pricing for this integration is dependent on transaction volume and the number of connections.

Feature IT

FeatureIT are an Unleashed recommended integration partner. They can integrate WooCommerce to Unleashed.


Vend is primarily a ‘bricks and mortar’ POS system, which has integrations to eCommerce platforms, but not eCommerce marketplaces.

Unleashed has a direct integration with Vend, which in turn integrates with WooCommerce.

In theory when Unleashed is integrated to Vend, and Vend to WooCommerce, orders from WooCommerce synced to Vend are subsequently updated in Unleashed. In this case Vend would be the master system for both Unleashed and WooCommerce.

  • Sales from WooCommerce would integrate to Vend and if Vend is integrated to your accounting provider, all such sales will move into it from Vend
  • Unleashed will not send invoices for Vend sales to your accounting provider. Otherwise, this would duplicate the process
  • Unleashed sends the sales journal for the transaction to your accounting provider. This is adjusting your stock levels.

However Unleashed do not recommend this approach. It is recommended that Unleashed is the master system as this provides more control over orders.

This advise is that you do not integrate WooCommerce and Vend directly. It is recommended to integrate WooCommerce and Vend directly with Unleashed, or in the case of WooCommerce via a 3rd party integrator. This is because updates Unleashed makes to Vend’s product numbers may not pass through to WooCommerce, unless Vend registers them as stock orders. The Unleashed integration updates the product page directly, therefore, these numbers may not update WooCommerce inventory.

In this case Unleashed can send all of the accounting transactions to your integrated accounting system.

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