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Who are Re-Leased? 

Re-Leased is the leading property management software for commercial and mixed property portfolios trusted by more than 900 property businesses globally. The cloud-based platform is accompanied by the tenant app, the landlord app and the property manager app to create one central, but mobile, hub for property management and accounting. 

How does Re-Leased help property businesses? 

Today, many property businesses are reliant upon Excel or dated desktop systems. These siloed systems are inefficient and they prevent cross-team collaboration. Re-Leased offers property businesses:

  • Data centralisation. Users have access to all key financial data so they have clarity and control over their business at all times. 
  • Automation. Time-consuming and repetitive tasks are automated so your clients can focus on growing their business
  • Improved data integrity. Re-Leased removes the need for data entry, reducing human error whilst offering a full audit trail of management activities to ensure your clients remain legally compliant. 

How does Re-Leased help accounting firms? 

Re-Leased helps accounting firms to become leaders in the commercial real estate market and to increase their revenue within this sector by adding value to their existing clients and winning new clients. 

Re-Leased’s live two-way integration with Xero gives accountants easy access to the financial and property information required to complete work quickly and to a high standard. For example, rent reviews, maintenance expenditure and upcoming inspections. Having access to key data improves a firm’s recovery rate. In addition, Re-Leased provide access to operational data from the broader commercial real estate industry which firm require need to engage in competitive and high-value advisory work with property clients. 

  • Keep contact data in sync with 2-way integration
  • Generate automatic rent invoices that sync to Xero, and once matched the status will be reflected as paid in Re-Leased
  • Use receipt and invoice processing tools such as Receipt Bank or AutoEntry and sync bills to Re-Leased
  • Gain access to relevant and timely property specific reports through Xero or the Re-Leased using reporting functionality

Lastly, it is sometimes challenging to speak to clients about the benefits of cloud accounting software and often we think of digital transformation in a linear fashion where Xero must always come first. However, presenting the benefits of Re-Leased often acts as a catalyst to begin a property client’s engagement with the cloud. 

Which clients will benefit from Re-leased? 

Re-Leased is a specialist solution for large commercial and mixed (commercial and residential) property portfolios. Both property management businesses and landlords can use Re-Leased. Some examples of businesses which are a great fit for Re-Leased are managing agents, REIT’s, family offices and investment funds. Most portfolios which adopt Re-Leased have a rent roll greater than £1 million per year.

Re-Leased is unlikely to be a suitable solution for portfolios which only contain HMOs, Student Lets, residential lettings agents or holiday lets. Many solely residential property businesses wish to have a front-end lettings advertisement system. Because Re-Leased is a back-office management system the platform will not fulfil front-end requirements. 

What does it look like to work with Re-Leased?

Re-Leased form partnerships with accounting firms which are built upon a “Low Input, High Output” framework. This means that Re-leased handle all consultations, demonstration, implementations, training and support for the Re-Leased platform so that accounting firms can focus on their area of expertise, Xero. 

To hear more about the implementation process, watch this case study video

What do accountants say? 

Nathan Keeley MHA Carpenter Box “Our mutual clients have expressed to a great extent the benefits of the platform and how it has revolutionised their businesses. Data is accurate and relevant so business owners are able to make decisions quicker and with more veracity. Not only is the data better, but workflows are automated which has drastically reduced the time it takes for our clients to complete tasks.” 

 Neil Stevens Bromhead Accountants “The integration between Re-Leased and Xero is second to none, I have not seen a better integration, it’s seamless, it really works that you can make changes on either side so you really are working on the same set of data behind the scenes.”

For more information or to find out if your client could benefit from Re-Leased, please contact Partnerships Manager, Grace Thomson directly.


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