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GoProposal have launched their (long-awaited) Zapier integration!!

The integration opens up new frontiers for GoProposal users to integrate their sales CRM, such as Pipedrive, Capsule, HubSpot, Active Campaign (or others), with GoProposal, as well as triggering actions in other systems for new proposals and accepted proposals.

In this article we take you through some of the use cases.

What are the ‘triggers’?

A trigger in Zapier is an event that happens in an app, in our case GoProposal. When the event takes place any Zap with that event as a trigger will run. For GoProposal the available triggers are Proposal Won and Proposal Created.

What data is available?

For both of these triggers, the following data can be pulled from GoProposal for use in the (next) ‘Action’ stage(s) of the Zap:

  • Company Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Proposal ID
  • Date Created
  • Email (CC)
  • Position
  • Office Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • Address City
  • Address Postcode
  • Address County/State
  • Staff Member
  • Staff Position
  • Staff Email
  • Staff Mobile
  • Staff Phone
  • Staff Office Phone
  • Principle in Charge
  • Person Responsible
  • Follow-up Date
  • Future Goal
  • Future Goal Date
  • Please Note
  • Internal Note
  • Proposal Status
  • Proposal Type
  • Totals Monthly Net
  • Totals Monthly Taxable Net
  • Totals Monthly Tax
  • Totals Monthly Gross
  • Totals One-Off Net
  • Totals One-Off Taxable Net
  • Totals One-Off Tax
  • Totals One-Off Gross
  • Totals Annualised Net
  • Totals Annualised Tax
  • Totals Annualised Gross
  • Proposal URL
  • Acceptance Page URL
  • Proposal PDF (document)
  • Letter of Engagement PDF (document)
  • Line Items (as a list)

How can you use this data? What are some of the example ‘Actions’?

An action in Zapier is something that you want to create or update in another app following the trigger. If you have a paid account with Zapier you can create multi-step Zaps that have more than one action.

Sometimes you might want one action to happen when the trigger data meets a specified criteria, and another if it doesn’t. For instance you might have one sales pipeline for Personal Tax Leads, and another for Business Leads, and you first have to find the right pipeline to search for the deal, so you need to know the right one.

If you were using different Proposal Types in GoProposal and these related to different sales pipelines then you could use a pathway. These are only available to Professional Zapier users, but we can host these Zaps for you for less than the cost of a monthly professional subscription. Contact us for more information.

This could be similarly true for different offices/partners. In this case you might use the ‘Principle In Charge’ as the differentiator.

Using Lookup Keys

If you’re using the proposal sent / accepted trigger to update data in another app, then you’ll first need to find the data you want to update in that app. For this Lookup keys are used. These are common data fields shared across both apps.

  • Company Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

The above data fields are your most likely ‘data key’, although it could be any data field so long as it’s shared.

For instance if you were using GoProposal and Pipedrive you could use the Company Name from GoProposal to search for the correct Deal in Pipedrive to be actioned, so long as the name was present in one of the data fields for a deal in Pipedrive.

Proposal Created Actions:

Here are some examples of actions that you could setup to happen once a proposal has been created.

  • Update the stage of a lead in your sales CRM to ‘Proposal Created’
  • Update the value of the lead in your sales CRM (you can use Zapier to calculate what this value should be – i.e. 12 x Monthly Net + One-Off Net)

If the proposal is live but you want to send out some automatic reminders you could use the Proposal URL / Acceptance Page URL to do this from your sales CRM. You would use the zap to update custom fields in the CRM for the URLs, and then use the CRM to trigger communications.

Proposal Accepted Actions:

Here are some examples of actions that you could setup to happen once a proposal has been accepted.

  • Update the stage of a lead in your sales CRM to ‘Proposal Won’
  • Update the value of the lead in your sales CRM to the accepted value
  • Setup a folder in Google Drive / OneDrive
  • Add the Proposal PDF (document) & Letter of Engagement PDF (document) to that folder
  • Setup a Receipt Bank account (filter if selected as a service)
  • Add or update the contact in Mailchimp or another email marketing system (i.e. change the group from leads to clients, add tags for the accepted services)
  • Add a contact in FreeAgent (it’s not currently possible to add an invoice via Zapier)
  • Send out forms that are relevant to the data you need to collect for the services they have chosen
  • Send notifications on Slack or Teams

Lessor & Co have setup a Zap that donates pyjamas to children in emergency care in the UK through B1G1. Read more about this in GoProposal’s Case Study.

GoProposal already has direct integrations with Senta and Karbon, so we would recommend using those to trigger workflows on acceptance. However if you’re using other practice management systems with Zapier integrations such as Pixie, then you can use an acceptance to trigger workflows.

Even if you are using Senta and Karbon, you could still use Zapier to add things to them which are not part of the native integration. For instance you could add the Future Goal, Please Note, or Internal Note, as a Note in Senta so that the information carries over and is accessible by everyone.

With Pixie you could take this further by making the making the Future Goal a job for the client with the Future Goal Date as a deadline to make it actionable.

Not sure where to start? App Advisory Plus are Zapier Certified and can setup, host, and maintain Zaps on your behalf.

Book in a free 15 minute Zapier consultation.

What could still be improved?

There is one missing trigger from the integration that would be useful – ‘Proposal Updated’. This would be beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • You only initially raise a draft proposal and you are using your sales CRM to track which are in draft and which are sent
  • You change the value of the proposal and want this to be immediately reflected in your sales CRM
  • You might mark the proposal as lost in GoProposal and want it to be marked as lost in your sales CRM

How do you setup the integration?

Checkout GoProposal’s integration setup article.

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