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Most of you will have some sort of system for storing documents digitally – the days of filing cabinets are mostly behind us, with lack of back-ups, physical space restrictions, GDPR issues and of course environmental impact all factors. However, the way you choose to digitally store your documents is very important.

If you choose to store most of your documents locally (e.g. on your computer), then what happens if something happens to that hardware? Do you have the files encrypted and how advanced is your cybersecurity protection?

Or, if you use a document storage system currently, do you think it’s good enough? Do its features impress you? Does it improve your workflow and save you time?

What to look for

A good document storage solution should have bank-standard AES-256 bit encryption, an infinite way of organising your files in folders, full text search functionality (so you never lose a document again), eSign functionality and improve your workflow with integrations to your favourite software.

A great feature of SmartVault is its integrated eSign functionality – which means you can send a document to your client, they can review, sign it digitally and return it to you. The signed file can automatically route to the correct folder in the cloud, sending you an alert that it’s been completed, thus saving you time and effort.

Worried about migrating your documents?

If the above has you thinking about changing to a better document storage system, but you’re scared about the amount of work or time it could take, no need to worry.

Signing up to SmartVault is quick and easy, plus you’ll get time with a dedicated account manager to help you set up your folder structure and guide you through how to use the software based on your individual needs.

Want to get your legacy files out of your current document storage solution? We can provide a migration service to extract all of your documents and move them into SmartVault. No work for you, we do everything back-end so you can spend the time working on what you need to.

Have multiple staff members that will be using the system? We can provide group training to get them all up to speed. And you can set individual access rights – meaning some members of your team will be able to read but not edit, others will have full rights and you can even hide or share documents based on their sensitivity.

Transform your document storage and securely share files

Want to know more about how SmartVault can help you transform your document storage and help you securely share files?

Book a 15 minute demo with our team today.

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