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You can now get paid from Tide invoices by Direct Debit via their new integration with GoCardless. Here’s how it works:

How to set up payment by Direct Debit

  • Connect to GoCardless
    First, get ready to use GoCardless with your Tide account:

    • Log into Tide on the web and go to Invoicing
    • Click on an invoice
      A panel will appear on the right
      If the GoCardless option is available for that invoice, you’ll see a box for Direct Debit with GoCardless
    • Click Ready to set up
    • You can then either Sign up or if you already have a GoCardless account, choose Sign in
  • Send mandate request to your customer
    GoCardless will ask your customer to authorise a Direct Debit mandate. You’ll be notified when they authorise it.
  • Create an invoice in your Tide app or Tide on the web
    Set the payment terms as usual.
  • Schedule a payment by Direct Debit
    Via the Tide app, schedule the payment, either for the invoice due date or another day you choose.
  • GoCardless collects the money
    On the agreed day, GoCardless automatically collects the money from your customer’s account.
    You get paid on time
  • The money arrives in your Tide account.

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