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Integration Overview

The integration is a one-way sync between Recurly to Xero with five points of integration. Records are synced in the following sequence:

  • Recurly Items, Plans, Setup Fees, and Add-Ons with Xero Inventory Items
  • Recurly Accounts with Xero Contacts
  • Recurly Invoices with Xero. Please note, all Recurly accounts will be synced regardless of the Start Date that you select.
  • Recurly Payments with Xero Payments and Refunds
  • Recurly Credits with Xero Credit Notes

The Recurly for Xero integration will sync the following fields from the account in Recurly to the customer record in Xero:

  • Account Number
  • Contact Person (First / Last Name)
  • Email Address
  • Postal Address (from Billing Address in Recurly)
  • Phone Number

All Recurly plans will sync to Xero as line-items.

Problems with the integration

  • Higher tiers of subscription to Recurly support revenue recognition reporting, however no entries are posted to Xero that reflect this. You would need to use the reports to manually create a journal, or use software in combination with Recurly that handles automatic revenue recognition.
  • Payments can only be posted to a single payment account. This is not helpful if multiple currencies are accepted and payouts are in different currencies.
  • Sales can only be posted to a single account, and there is no tracking category integration.

Benefits of the integration vs Zapier

  • You are able to backdate it by choosing a start date for transactions to push across.
  • It’s free

Integrating with Zapier

Using the ‘New Transaction in Recurly’ trigger it’s possible to create an invoice and a payment to Xero. These can be set to different sales accounts, payment accounts, tracking categories, VAT codes, currencies, etc., depending on what the transaction in Recurly is.

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