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Here are some new feature enhancements from Unleashed this month.

More information in View Customers.

You can now add 2 new columns to your View Customers screen. Last Order Date and Sales Group can be selected in hidden columns and dropped into your view to give you quick visibility of when your customers have last ordered and where these orders are coming from.

Unleashed Software - Feature Enhancements - More information in View Customers

Create a Combined Picklist template

You can now create a template for your Combined Picklist in the Doc Designer. This document can also be printed in the bulk action cog in View Sales Orders.

Unleashed Software Enhancements - Create a Combined Picklist template

View supplier lead times for products

You will now be able to see lead times for individual products at a glance on the View Products page. Not every product coming from a supplier will have the same lead time. This is great for customers who purchase a variety of products with different lead times.

Unleashed Software Enhancements - View supplier lead times for products

Add purchase costs to your Purchase Orders

A Purchase Cost grid is now available to be added to you POs in Doc Designer. Use this to add purchase cost information such as supplier name, cost, cost date, exchange rates and more.

Unleashed Software Enhancements - Add purchase costs to your Purchase Orders


To find out more about Unleashed and what they do, view their directory listing on our site.

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