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So you have a client using Shopify. Shopify has it’s own stock system, so why would you need to use Shopify with Unleashed?

Here’s some insight from Unleashed:

  1. Shopify’s stock tool is only designed for businesses that have 1 B2C sales channel. It may be that there are multiple B2C channels being used and a stock system is needed to consolidate them.
  2. Whilst you can sell manufactured/kitting products in Shopify, you can’t manage the manufacturing/kitting process efficiently in terms of components.
  3. No batch or serial traceability means Shopify is only suitable for low compliance industries like fashion and accessories. 
  4. Shopify is a B2C platform and it doesn’t support B2B sales without an add on (i.e. Shopify plus for B2B). 
  5. Shopify only supports POS sales through Shopify POS (you might want to use Vend as your POS).
  6. Because of point 4, no shipment processing is available – pickings lists, ship notes, commerce codes etc. are all missing. 
  7. Unleashed has much better purchasing functionality than Shopify, particularly around purchase ordering, split shipments, and assigned costs. 

The Shopify – Unleashed – accounting data flow:

Unleashed recommended that you integrate your Accounting system directly with Shopify to avoid any tax or order total inconsistencies. 

If you have large transaction volumes and don’t want all of that noise in Xero, then we would recommend using A2X for this. However if you did want individual transactions within Xero then Parex Bridge (for QBO/Xero) could be one to use. 

During the setup of Unleashed and Shopify it is possible to toggle off the setting for Unleashed to send invoices to your accounting provider. This prevents duplication of sales where Shopify is connected to your accounting software.

If B2B sales are being made through Unleashed, then Unleashed would need to be integrated with your accounting software. 

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