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Xero have announced the acquisition of Waddle, a cloud-based invoice lending platform. Waddle helps connect small businesses to invoice finance.

Founded in Australia in 2014, Waddle’s lending platform service allows banks, fintechs and other lending partners to easily and quickly deliver invoice finance to small businesses that have elected to share their accounting data to enable a loan.

Waddle will remain a standalone company, however Xero have said that they will jointly explore ways to expand their small business customers’ access to forms of lending beyond invoice finance.

Waddle currently has agreements with banks and lenders in the UK and Australia.


The Xero app marketplace in the UK already boasts a number of apps that connect to Xero to provide finance, including iwoca, Satago, and MarketFinance. Waddle does not actually feature outside of the marketplace for Australia, however Waddle do already have some involvement in the UK market as NatWest Rapid Cash was developed in partnership with Waddle.

What are the differences?

All solutions connect to Xero to use financial data to offer quick lending decisions.

iwoca offer short term loans.

Satago provide invoice financing on single or multiple invoices.

MarketFinance offers business loans and invoice finance solutions.

Waddle offers a flexible line of credit with no minimum contract period, no minimum spend, no hidden fees and you’ll only pay for what you use. This is based on the receivables balance in Xero.

Why Waddle?

Access to data? Acquiring the infrastructure to compete with QuickBooks Captial? Both are likely to have been considerations.

This is a really interesting acquisition for Xero and a further blurring around the edges of where accounting and bookkeeping software stops and banking and finance starts. All in all it continues to be a really interesting time to be in accounting.

As accountants in practice the tools at our disposable allows us to fill the role of bookkeeper, accountant, finance broker, banker and business advisor.

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