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5 Ways a Client Portal Saves You Time by SmartVault

As we head into 2021, many businesses are looking at ways to streamline their workflow and become more efficient. An often overlooked feature, the client portal, can be key in saving you time (and money). By cutting out paper and using a client portal to enhance your workflow, you can remove some of the tedious tasks that suck up your time.
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A gift from Scott’s Add In’s

This P&L template that uses Scott's functions, was created at Full Stack Modeller. The template incorporates really great reporting controls, and some sophisticated formulas that you may find useful.
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A simple referral for debt recovery

Capitalise have partnered up with SRA-regulated Escalate to offer a Capitalise recovery – a debt and dispute resolution service on the Capitalise platform. Here’s all you need to know courtesy of Capitalise. Unpaid invoices have always been a problem. 96% of SMEs have experienced a bad debt, and 70% of SMEs will have at least one commercial dispute every three years. What few businesses know is that they can recover some of those debts on a no-win-no-fee basis – with your help. Four types of bad debt that we can help your clients recover: individual debtors over 90 days old commercial discussions that have failed lost clients that haven’t paid old bad debts (written off within 3 years) All we need from you is a simple referral to kick off the process.  Capitalise Recovery, in partnership with SRA regulated Escalate, streamlines the traditional process, reducing the barriers to your clients accessing cash. Each accepted case is fully funded through the high courts, if needed.  Find out more about Recovery
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Accountancy Manager Feature Updates

International company credit checks Now you can undertake credit checks on international companies. European Anti-Money Laundering ID checks We’ve expanded the AML ID check capability to individuals in Europe.
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AccountancyManager: A Comprehensive Feature Guide

AccountancyManager is a cloud-based Onboarding & Practice Management Software built by accountants, for accountants. Auto populated LoEs, e-signing, document storage, AML ID, Credit checks & client portal + task management & internal/external communications.
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Advising businesses that make, manage or move products

Will Farnell was joined by John Horton from Unleashed Software for a webinar around advising product businesses on moving to cloud inventory systems. During the webinar John helped to dispel myths and preconceptions around the fact that inventory apps are: Really expensive; Really complicated; Always time consuming to implement; Only implemented by inventory specialists
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Aged Receivables and Payables Reports in a Customer’s Currency

Based on numerous requests from their customers, G-Accon has released a highly anticipated new feature – the ability to download bills and invoices in a customer’s currency. This can be done by using the Aged Receivables and Payables Detail and Summary report. This is useful in situations where customers have a set base currency, but sales are also made in a different currency. This new feature is integral when it comes to reviewing these customers’ cash flows because now you will be able to see how much your customers actually owe in whichever currency you choose. The client currency information is available through the Aged Receivables Detail and Summary reports. This feature also allows our customers to toggle between the company’s base currency and the transactional currency. All receivables and payables can now be seen in both the based and transactional currencies. How can I generate an Aged Receivables or Payables Detail reports?  To get your accounting report data, you first need to be logged into Xero. Next, you need to go to the menu and select Add-ons -> G-Accon for Xero -> Get Accounting Reports -> Aged Receivables or Payables Detail. Select the report and the parameters Select the Aged Receivables Detail report from the drop down menu. There are a few required and a few optional attributes for the Aged Receivables or Payables Detail reports: 1. Report or Dynamic Report Date (Date format should be DD/MM/YYYY). You can select either a static or dynamic date range to generate the report. 2. Compare To (Previous Day, Previous Month, Previous Year) 3. Period of (1-12) 5. To Compare with (from 1 to 24) previous periods 4. Contact Group(s) 5. Report Layout (Traditional/Historical) 6. Display balances in the Customer’s currency (false/true) This field allows you to select which currency your report will be generated in (base/company currency vs customer’s currency) 7. Column Title. You have the ability to select the desired columns. 8. Tracking Category Change Pull Settings The Change Pull Setting allows you to perform the following operations: 1. Create a new Google Sheet 2. Display Report Title 3. Create Deep Link to Xero 4. Display Account Codes only 5. Keep Original Formatting 6. Remove Total/Summary Rows 6. Retrieve Headers 7. Create a Data Table around your Pulled Data 8. Freeze your Data Table Header 9. Exclude Auto Refresh 10. Display Report Summaries 11. Remove Empty Dividing Rows You can also provide the start cell. For example, A1. Alternatively, you can provide the name of your template in the Template Name field. For example, Template #1. How can I schedule automatic downloads? To schedule an automatic data refresh, you can create a workflow through the option Create Workflow to schedule the automatic refresh and notification processes. Automatic workflow allows users to create different workflows, include specific templates, set up different schedules for various workflows, and notify the customers, clients, and team members using different automatic notifications within the same spreadsheet. See the Automation process for further explanation. You also have the ability to simultaneously download data from the multiple G-Accon templates within the Google Spreadsheet to the multiple Xero organizations. Aged Receivables and Payables Reports allow you to generate reports in the base (company) currency as well as your customer’s currency by identifying the field ‘Display balances in the Customer’s currency‘ as true or false. In the example below, if you select ‘Display balances in the Customer’s currency’ to be “false“, then the Aged Receivables or Aged Payables reports will be generated based on your company’s (base) currency. Aged Receivables Summary in the Company’s (based) currency On the other hand, if you choose ‘Display balances in the Customer’s currency’ as “true“, then the Aged Receivables or Aged Payables reports will be generated based on your clients’ currency instead. Aged Receivables Summary in the Customer’s currency   As a reminder, with G-Accon, you also have the ability to automate reporting, including Aged Receivables and Payables, emails, and alerts, upload data in bulk, save custom templates in the Cloud, and much more. To find out more about G-Accon, check out their directory listing.
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Automate your AML onboarding in Pixie with Xama

AML and identity verification are complex areas where the technology is always evolving, and here at Pixie we believe in partnering with best of breed applications that allow for continuous innovation. Which is why we're delighted to announce a new partnership with Xama - to help automate and streamline AML onboarding for accounting & bookkeeping firms.
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Bulk actions in Pixie

Pixie are pleased to share with your threir all-new bulk client actions inside Pixie.
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