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AccountancyManager: A Comprehensive Feature Guide

AccountancyManager is a cloud-based Onboarding & Practice Management Software built by accountants, for accountants. Auto populated LoEs, e-signing, document storage, AML ID, Credit checks & client portal + task management & internal/external communications.
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Calxa Review

Calxa is a 3-way forecasting and reporting tool suited to businesses that set budgets for at least a year in advance and want real-time financial reporting and KPIs. It is well suited to higher level budgeting, rather than using individual transactions. It's setup to support multi-entity and multi-currency consolidations.
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What you need to know about Flowlens

Flowlens is a modular SME cloud platform for equipment/machinery manufacturers and dealers. It manages sales, stock, purchasing, material requirements, production and after-sales service.
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