Do you struggle to keep on top of your pipeline, with too many manual steps to keep things up to date and progressing? You’re not alone.

  • You want visibility over your pipeline, across your team and offices, without having to manually update the stage of a lead after every activity.
  • You want a timeline history of everything that has happened so far, with all notes available in one place.
  • You want to use customised, but automated email marketing to prime your prospect to join as a client.
  • You want to automate as much of the onboarding process as possible, whilst enhancing the customer experience.

Using a combination of apps linked through Zapier you can enjoy the benefits of automated lead management and onboarding with greatly reduced or eliminated manual input for all of the boring bits.

Any combination of apps from these categories will work, and there are lots more we haven’t included here.

  • Form - Typeform / Gravity Forms / Jotform / Wufoo / Cognito forms
  • Meeting scheduler - Calendly / Acuity Scheduling / 10to8 Booking
  • Email marketing - Mailchimp
  • Sales CRM (inc above 3 categories) - Pipedrive / HubSpot / ActiveCampaign
  • Proposal and payments - Practice Ignition / GoProposal (no Zapier integration but workaround is possible)
  • Zapier - Task automation
  • Practice management - Senta / Karbon
  • Accounting platform - Xero / QuickBooks
  • Document storage - Google Drive/OneDrive
  • Data capture - Receipt Bank

We offer full service scoping, system design, implementation, and training, for a system using any combination of the above apps.

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An example of what could happen is as shown below, activities are not rigid so if things happen in a different order for you then the system can be designed to cater for that.

  1. New form submission
    a) Adds a lead into sales CRM with relevant lead source information (i.e. social media / referral)
    b) Adds a prospect into Mailchimp audience (optionally with service interest/business type etc for customised automation email campaign)
    c) Send automated Mailchimp campaign to your new lead (optionally)
  2. Prospect books a meeting using meeting link displayed at the end of the form
    a) Stage is updated to ‘Meeting Booked’ in sales CRM
    b) Optionally add event to sales CRM
  3. Proposal is made in proposal app
    a) Value and stage are updated in sales CRM
  4. Automated follow up
  5. Proposal changed after negotiation
    a) Value is updated in sales CRM
  6. Automated follow up
  7. Proposal won/lost
    a) Status is updated sales CRM
    b) MailChimp is updated to convert prospect to client, optionally tagging services that have been accepted
    c) Jobs are populated in Senta/Karbon based on services chosen in proposal app
    d) Customer details and invoice is populated into Xero / QuickBooks
    e) Google Drive/OneDrive folders are created
    f) Receipt Bank account is created (optional based on services in proposal)

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Rowan is a Zapier specialist with experience implementing lead management and onboarding solutions in accountancy practices. 

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