“Our Finance team love Lightyear. It is easy to use, and the customer service is excellent. Plus, we now have visibility of invoices received and moving through the approvals process for the first time.”
– Claire Keating, Head of Finance

Tell us about The Cedar Foundation

The Cedar Foundation delivers a range of services that enable people with disabilities, autism and brain injury to get the most out of life and to be fully included in their communities. Our services are centred around the individual needs of each person and are delivered throughout Northern Ireland, supporting children and adults to live, work and engage in their communities.

What were the pain points you needed Lightyear to solve?

The processing of purchase invoices was time intensive and cumbersome. We needed a cost-effective solution that would help reduce the time spent chasing approvals and manually entering data into our software system. We also needed a way to control our business purchases, and Lightyear made this really easy.

Have you used any AP automation apps before Lightyear?

Before Lightyear, all our processes were manual, so I think the product introduction came at the right time, with many staff wanting more digital solutions.

Did you Find Lightyear easy to implement?

Yes. We tested the system vigorously at the beginning to make sure the system worked with our processes. Our onboarder, Ewan, was very patient and helpful.

Did you encounter any initial objections from staff, if so what were they and how did you overcome them?

Our staff were onboard from the get-go. We first introduced Lightyear to small groups to iron out any issues before implementing it across the rest of the team. We had plenty of training sessions and have created our own internal helpdesk/Lightyear champions throughout the finance team. We also created internal ‘how to’ videos. The level of customisation was great and enabled us to easily implement Lightyear into our business processes.

Did you avail of our Let’s Get Going (Onboarding) Program?

Yes. The onboarding programme meant we didn’t have to manually add all the set-up information, which would’ve taken a lot of time.

Would you recommend Lightyear?

Absolutely, Lightyear is a cost-efficient package that is easy to use, and the team is extremely responsive and easy to work with.

What would you say to someone who is potentially transitioning to Lightyear?

As with all software, start as you mean to continue. Make sure that you set your files up correctly to get the most out of your process. ALWAYS consider what is happening on either side of the process, this is a good time to assess your accounts payable process as a whole.

Out of 5 how many stars would you rate Lightyear?


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