Flowlens is an all in one CRM, MRP & Service Platform for SME Equipment and Machinery Manufacturers.

Flowlens now enables exporters to generate commercial invoices, including weights, incoterms, commodity codes.

Generate a PDF with on-screen signature, or print for manual signature and inclusion with the export paperwork.

Watch the video to see how Flowlens Commercial Invoices are created:

To see Flowlens Commercial Invoices in action, please request a personalised demo of Flowlens, or start a free trial today.

Key Features

  • Store standard and custom incoterms
  • Store weights, commodity codes and country of origins for your products
  • Generate Commercial Invoice paperwork including line item breakdown of products being shipping, individual commodity codes and weights, plus importer and exporter details, exporter signature etc
  • Save PDF for printing or emailing.

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