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App Favorites

  • If you’re the owner of your team’s account you will be able to quickly tick your favourite apps from the Favourites section of your account.
  • Add Favourites from any App in our App Directory

Why should I use favourites?

When creating App Stacks you will be able to quickly choose from your favourite apps. This will make it quicker and easier to create App Stacks.

When creating app stacks your team will also be able to see which apps are favourites so that they can use those when creating app stacks. This is the starting point for providing you with a system of internal control for which apps are authorised to be recommended to clients by your practice.

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Compare Apps

Compare apps for the following categories

We also have in depth PDF comparisons available on our blog.

What’s the value in comparisons?

Comparisons are a useful tool to quickly understand a bit more about what an app could do without having to trawl their website and help centre.

Because our comparisons have been independently curated and validated, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you, and you can trust the content is accurate. We’ve added helpful info icons to help you understand the definitions we’ve used for a feature.

App Stack Reports

Our App Stack Reporting tool is designed to provide you with:

  • A quick and easy way to present suggested app stacks to your clients
  • A way of capturing internal knowledge about apps and app stacks

Digital Discovery Options Report for XYZ Client

Example App Stack Recommendations Report for ABC Omnichannel Retailer

A quick and easy way to present suggested app stacks to your clients

Our reporting tool provides you with a quick and easy way to present suggested app stacks to your clients by generating a report with set descriptions about the apps and their integrations.

This would come after you’ve completed a fact-find, scoped their requirements, and conducted research to arrive at your recommendations. The report enables you to provide a tangible output to your prospect or client to show the value of research that you have conducted and deliver an end product that they will be happy to have paid for.

The report has set structure and pulls in the accounting software, app categories and selected apps from your app stack, as well as the order of categories which is amendable within the app stack itself as shown below.

Your report will allow you to quickly present information on apps.

Our reports contain:

  • A customisable heading for your report
  • A customisable introduction where you can add descriptive content about the problems these apps will solve for the client, with a range of formatting options
  • An introduction to the chosen accounting software
  • Up to two apps per app category
  • An up to date app logo and link to their website
  • A non-editable description of each app
  • A list of non-accounting integrations
  • Use our customisable report templates
  • Your own logo and colours
  • Your client’s logo

A way of capturing knowledge about apps and app stacks so that it becomes reusable

Frequently, research around the specific use-cases of apps and app stacks is either lost to the researcher’s head, unsearchable email, or other unusable forms of documentation or communication.

Our reporting tool provides a simple way of capturing research and experience for use cases so that it can be relied upon in the future.

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