This is a case-study of our Help Desk App Support service.. 

In this example we assisted a members by providing an industry specific initial fact-finding form to help identify current process and problems, budget for change, and software requirements.

Typically this will guide us in determining whether further information is required to understand the processes of the business before any software research and evaluation can take place.

In this instance our member had already been through a process mapping exercise with the client and as such was able to provide sufficient detail for us to provide some useful App Research support. 

AAP Member

I have a client who makes widgets from around 3 to 4 individual costs. 

The business is extremely simple, all manufacturing is subcontracted and the director operates the business alone. 

I cannot see a way of making one composite stock item from the three individually tracked inventory items in Xero. What is the entry level inventory app you would have me look at to get around this shortcoming in Xero?

AAP Support

Firstly, we have confirmed that the feature you’re looking for is not available in Xero alone.

Before recommending anything it would be useful to understand some more information about the client. In particular, we need to understand the processes and technology that are currently being used. Here are a few questions that will help us. Could you please fill out this information form and then we can talk about the next steps.

Let me know if you have any questions.

AAP Member

Thank you, I have submitted the form and look forward to your response.

AAP Support (following a brief conversation to confirm some information)

Following on from our conversation on Friday and having reviewed the requirements you set out I think that TradeGecko would be a good app for you to investigate further.

The Lite version would seem suitable (£55).

  • This comes with 1 sales channel integration, of which the Shopify integration is one.
  • This version also integrates with Xero.
  • You can process up to 300 sales per month (3 x more than the level we discussed of 100).
  • Supports product bundling
  • Supports purchase order management. This is how it works with Xero. However if you wanted to use Receipt Bank then you would have to watch out for duplication of bills.
  • Shipping integration between TradeGecko and UPS could be facilitated by ShipStation and you’re looking at an additional £23 per month there based on the order volume discussed.

We advise that full process mapping is undertaken prior to any research and evaluation activities to ensure functional requirements are completely defined, mitigating the risk of app selections being made that do not meet functional requirements of the business concerned. 

This recommendation is based on the information we’ve been supplied with which we expect has come out of a process mapping exercise.

I would suggest the next step would be to review the information here against the process mapping that you said had been done to make sure that nothing has been missed.

Please let me know if I can be of any more help.

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