Zapier is a powerful tool that helps businesses integrate their different systems. In this case study, we will look at how we used Zapier helped Warren Day Accountants to integrate aspects of their onboarding system.

We were approached by Denis from Warren Day to help integrate their onboarding system. Our scope was to integrate their enquiry form, proposal system, and practice management.

They were already using Onkho and Practice Ignition, and understood they had the potential to be integrated, but wanted help getting it done.

We recommended that they used one of our template enquiry forms held in Cognito Forms, in order to further streamline the prospect to client process.


Their new enquiry form could now be completed by a prospect themselves, or filled out over a phone call, providing a standardised approach for capturing information.

This triggers a new contact to be added in Onkho and Practice Ignition, saving that little bit of time manually adding information.

One a proposal has been signed in Practice Ignition, the prospect in Onkho then becomes a client, and the relevant services are populated to their client record. This saves the onboarding team time and effort.

A record of the proposal is also added to Onkho for an easy point of reference.

“Rowan was great at understanding our needs and implemented the integration in the agreed timescales. Looking forward to the second step.”

Denis Day
Partner, Warren Day Accountants

Additional automation

During the process, Denis also considered it would be helpful to integrate a different process to Onkho.

In this case, a due diligence form would be completed using a Cognito Form and added against the contact record in Onkho as a note.

Integrating Xama Onboarding into the process for identity verification and AML compliance is in next on the agenda!

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