As part of AccountancyManager’s ongoing effort to consistently improve to meet the needs of their users, they have just launched two new features.

Time Improvements

You can now pause the time counted within AccountancyManager.

When working on a task, the timer automatically counts the minutes you spend. The spinning clock icon shows that the timer is currently running.

You can now click this icon to pause and resume the timer. You can also manually enter a number of minutes in the box if required.

Proposal to Strike Off

AM will now alert you through our Companies House integration if one of your clients’ Company status changes to ‘Active – Proposal to strike off’.

The implications of this change can have a significant impact on the business as this could ultimately end up with them being struck-off and the freezing of their assets or worse, you not getting paid!

AM will notify you of the change and you’ll be asked to confirm.

Once confirmed a notification will be displayed on your client list, on the client file and task list. The alert is identified in red next to the company name.

This is updated through our Companies House integration but can also be manually overridden on the client file under the “Company Details” section.

To find out more about AccountancyManager, check out their directory listing on our site!

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