As Accountants, we understand the frustrations associated with implementing cloud-based tech. Despite having lived cloud accounting since 2009, the vast array of new apps coming to market made it impossible to keep up to date for a mid-sized accounting firm.

When implementing our app stacks we spent many hours trying to find an answer on how multiple apps work together and how to integrate them effectively. When multiple apps are involved it is a minefield to get to the right people to get the answers you need. Even with a comprehensive address book, it proved a struggle.

App Advisory Plus has been designed to provide the answer for accounting and bookkeeping firms that encountered these same challenges.

We support accountants and bookkeepers to deliver profitable app advisory services and deliver increased value to clients by ensuring they make the most of technology to grow their businesses.

Our helpdesk gives you access to knowledgeable staff who spend every day talking to accounting firms and app vendors. Giving you unparalleled insight into the app ecosystem and best practice for delivering value-add services. We utilise our knowledge and insight to build educational content and information, presented via our independent directory. Our online community lets you post questions and discuss challenges or successes with your peers.

Why use App Advisory Plus?