Process Advisory Part 3: Marketing Process Discovery

How to price process discovery

There are at least 2 activities that should be priced into a process mapping service. These are:

  1. The process mapping creation time, including time spent in workshops, interviews, and translating documents
  2. The follow up Action Plan

Understanding how long it takes to map a process will come with experience, but some factors that will be relevant here include:

  • Number of people involved in the process
  • How long the process takes – a rough guess
  • How many stages in the process – a rough guess

Members on our professional plan can access support around how to their price app advisory services.

How do you sell process discovery as a service to clients/prospects?

Process discovery should be a key stage in your App Advisory process. Whether you offer it internally or use our process mapping services, helping clients to understand your App Advisory services is key to generating revenue.

Create content to explain your offer

This could be in the form of a brochure or a page on your website, as well as services within your invoicing/proposal tool. This isn’t just for your clients/prospects, but also your team.

Make sure your team understands your services

Making sure that your team understands your services is vital, even where they’re not involved in delivering them. This is key because if your clients ask them about process/systems related issues they need to recognise the opportunity and know how to respond.

Talk to your clients

The more you are talking to your clients, the better. This creates a space for them to discuss their problems with you which provides a natural lead into selling your advisory services.

Document and share success stories

Stories are a really powerful way of demonstrating the benefit, so creating case studies that succinctly explain what the problem was, what services you delivered, and what the outcome was, can be a great marketing tool.

Skore provides editable example processes that you can use to demonstrate to a client or prospect what a process map looks like, and the outcomes it achieves.

If you’re on a professional plan with App Advisory Plus we can provide template marketing content.

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