This is an illustrative example of an App Stack that might be suitable for this fictitious ecommerce retail business, and how you could present your recommendation to a client or prospect using a report.

In a real-world scenario in-depth scoping and process mapping would be required to produce a much more detailed set of requirements, than what is outlined within the report. Research would then take place to ensure that the app stack met the requirements of the business.

Both the scoping and research should be chargeable to the client unless there is an obvious benefit to your firm which is immediately useable.

App Advisory Plus can help you to scope, research, and present App Stacks for your clients.

This report has been created using the App Advisory Plus Reporting Tool, which includes 4 customisable templates to help you to present App Stack recommendations to your business clients.

Case Study Background

ABC Retail is a UK-based ecommerce company that sources 70% of its products from China where they are manufactured, the remaining products are sourced in Europe and North America. Their primary route to market is selling via online marketplaces in addition to their own website.

Amazon is the marketplace they use the most for sales in Europe, Canada and the US, where they use the Fulfilment by Amazon FBA service, including holding products within Amazon distribution centres. Within Europe they sell in the UK and France.

Sales that are made via their own Shopify website use the Shopify payment gateway and are again packaged and shipped via the Amazon FBA service.

ABC uses Xero as their accounting software platform.

ABC Retail’s App Stack

Example App Stack Recommendations Report for ABC Omnichannel Retailer

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