In this update, Scoro are introducing a couple of handy ways of reducing manual work in your sales process. Keep your sales pipeline moving with new options to track opportunities by sales stages. After closing, easily compile multiple purchase documents of the quoted third-party services with minimal effort.

Lets take a closer look …

Quote to multiple purchase documents

Compile a single quote for your customer when offering services provided by various third-party partners. Then, when creating purchase orders, or already adding the relevant purchase invoices to Scoro as bills, create all purchase documents from the original quote in one go.

Quote detail view, Scoro

When compiling numerous purchase orders or bills, Scoro automatically takes the suppliers defined on the quote into account and suggests creating multiple individual documents. As a middle step, easily adjust quantities and unit prices, if needed, or even compile a partial purchase document. For example, compile partial bills in a case where you only received some of the products/services ordered.

Quote details, Scoro

In the meantime, quickly get an overview of how far along your purchases are. There’s an indication of whether the items on each quote line have been purchased and/or paid for in the quote detailed view. Grey stands for not yet purchased, yellow for partially purchased, green for fully purchased, and red for over purchased. In the quote detailed view, just scroll down to get an overview of all related documents.

Quote previous status

An effectively managed sales pipeline comes down to constantly improving the process itself. Instead of manually going through your leads when analyzing your sales funnel, you can now easily track quotes by status changes. This is a quick and simple way to find out exactly where in the sales process a deal was lost. Or, instead, how many leads skipped a couple of sales stages and went right on to signing the contract. The quote previous status is visible on each quote, yet an even more convenient way is to just filter out specific quotes in the quote list.

To find out more about Scoro, check out their directory listing on our site here.

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