Pixie, the operating system for small accounting and bookkeeping firms, has released integrated document e-signing. This new feature allows accounting and bookkeeping firms using Pixie to streamline and speed up document signing without any printing, scanning, or third-party apps needed.

With integrated document e-signing, firms can request e-signatures, track outstanding requests, schedule auto-reminders, and find completed documents all in one place alongside the rest of their workflow.

Here’s what you’re able to do:

Streamline document signing requests Standardise how you and your team request documents to be signed by adding e-signature requests to your workflow templates.

Request multiple signees Send a document once to multiple signees and easily keep track of who’s signed it and who is still outstanding.

Save time with automated chasing No more spending time chasing clients for outstanding documents. Configure auto-reminders in Pixie, sit back and watch the signed documents roll in.

Easily find signed documents Signed documents are auto-saved to the client’s record and to the task in Pixie, making it quick and easy for you to find them.

Meet the strictest security requirements Our document e-signing meets the strictest security and authentication requirements in the United States and eIDAS regulations in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Celso Pinto, Founder & CEO of Pixie, said:

“By making it possible to automate document signing from within Pixie workflows, we’re enabling our customers to eliminate costly manual and repetitive work, reduce the number of apps they use, and increase simplicity by streamlining workflows. It is one more building block available to our customers worldwide, taking us one step closer to making Pixie the operating system for small accountancy and bookkeeping firms.”

Rebecca Freeman from Lagom Finance, a Pixie customer who had early access to document e-signing, said:

“Our team were so excited when Pixie launched the e-signing flow, we can keep track of all of our tax returns in one place and check they’ve been signed before filing – it’s been such a huge time saver.”

You can learn more about Pixie’s new integrated document e-signing, how it works, and the cost here: https://www.usepixie.com/feature/document-signing

Streamline your firm today!

Not a customer yet? Here are a few reasons you should consider signing up for Pixie to help you and your team this month:

✅ Ability to delegate the work to your team with the reassurance that nothing important will be missed
✅ You’ll get full visibility of what stage each task is in and who in your team is assigned to it
✅ Your dedicated account manager can help set up your workspace and help get your team up to speed
✅ We will help you automate your client onboarding and service delivery freeing you up to focus on growing your business!

What some of our US-based bookkeeping clients have said about Pixie:

⭐️ “It’s the best tool we’ve seen in years for accounting firms”, Kieran Phelan of Cloud 360 Accounting
⭐️ “Excellent training, onboarding and making sure you are ready to implement to your team”, Kimberly of Home-time Business Services
⭐️ “Pixie saved me…I am far more up-to-date at year-end than any other year in business”, Gwen of BalancedBooks


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