Why are we relaunching?

Since we launched nearly 7 months ago we've been monitoring engagement and taking on board feedback. This feedback has been extremely valuable to us, and we have been working hard behind the scenes to improve the features and functionality of the site to match your expectations.

In addition to the snippets shown below we've made site-wide design improvements to make it somewhere you like being and want to come back to.

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What's changing?

App Stack

We're introducing a new way to search for and select apps. With our App Stack tool you can build, save, and share app stacks for your practice and your clients. In addition, we've added an new integration filter so that you can find apps with specific non-accounting integrations.

App Comparisons

We've independently produced detailed app comparisons for key app categories for accountants and bookkeepers to help you narrow your options.

Knowledge Base

We've given our knowledge base a face-lift, with a new structure and more articles and resources.

App Community

A new look online community, with notifications, and rewards for engaging with us and your peers.

Help Desk

We've changed the way our help desk works. We value your contributions to our platform and we want to reward you for them. By engaging with us you will earn points that can be exchanged for consultancy time. You'll also be able to purchase points to top up what you've earned, as well as exchanging points within your team.

Read more about our new Help Desk support service.

Want to find out more? Watch our Relaunch Webinar:

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