A How To Webinar for getting started

In a perfect world, all clients would receive bespoke financial statements and dashboards, tailored precisely to their needs. The tool of choice for this type of work, is of course, Excel. However, accounting professionals have typically been prevented from offering such services due to the high cost of delivery.

Join Will as he discusses how to create those bespoke reports with Scott Miller, Founder of Scott’s Add-ins, on September 28th, 3PM BST.

Scott’s Add-in for Excel and Xero / QuickBooks changes the game. Now, advisors have access to a powerful and efficient tool that enables them to create financial art that truly differentiates their service offerings.

What you will learn in this webinar:

*How to easily create bespoke financials using Scott’s Add-in.
*Examples of bespoke financials from other accounting practices using Scott’s Add-in.
* How to develop your bespoke reporting practice.

Get in touch with Scott via  and sign up for a free 15 day trial via https://scottsaddins.com/confirm