Hi I’m Kyle and joined AA+ at the start of August as Head of Partnerships. I love the startup life and couldn’t turn down such an exciting opportunity with a product and service that the SaaS market absolutely needs!


I will be helping cloud apps promote their game-changing products via our engaged audience of accountants and also helping accountants find the right app stack for their clients with all of the info they need in one place. I’m looking forward to nurturing these relationships and making AA+ their go-to place for their research into all of the cloud ecosystem, as well as growing the team so we can take over the world (ehehe) 


I used to work at Unleashed Software and joined the UK team when there was only one other so I know how fun and challenging a SaaS startup can be but I relish that challenge! I was in the sales team when I started but moved into the partnerships team and preferred working with accountants and cloud consultants as I could build on these relationships and have regular catch-ups with people that appreciate that app advisory is part of their responsibilities for their clients. The sales cycle can be quite brief in the SaaS world and you are likely to never speak to a new customer again because you have to hand them over to the support team for onboarding and implementation. I much prefer nurturing and developing relationships so moving into the partner channel was 100% the best move for me and allowed me to make the move to AA+ which I am super excited about 😊


Outside work, I really enjoy eating out with a few beers or a Guinness, socialising with friends, going to festivals and travelling as much as possible (which has been made more difficult by COVID). I love running and playing football and try to keep as fit as possible. I also have this weird ability to flick my eyelids inside out which I consider a party trick but all of my pals think it is gross. I also once met Ricky Hatton in a nightclub and he refused to shake my hand as I’m a Man United fan and he is a die-hard Man City fan 😂

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