Startup for 10: Xavier Analytics -

Xavier have released an all new Flow creator with the ability to create recurring Flows!

Set up a Flow for your regular processes, and repeat on a regular basis for your clients.

Xavier has a feature called Focus, where you can create workflows (called Flows) from a huge library of Xavier checks, that you can then run for a given client and date range.

Partners typically use Focus to standardise and track their Xavier processes across their team and clients; for example client onboarding, health checks, and VAT return preparation. Why not see what you can build?

What’s changing?

You can now:

  • Use the all new multi-stage Flow Creator in Xavier Focus
  • Create a Repeating Flow for one or many clients, which you will be able to set to return to the Flow List on a regular basis
  • Access and manage all Repeating Flows you have created from a new area, called the Repeating Flow List
  • Create and Save Draft Flows so you can finish creating them later

I’m so excited! What can I do to prepare?

If you want to get ready for launch, why not prepare your Flow templates? All Repeating Flows use Flow Templates so you can edit them easily. You can use the templates provided in Xavier as a base, and make sure to add any Custom Checks you might need too!

Check out Xavier Focus

Want to find out more about Xavier? Check out their directory listing on our site!

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