Zahara have launched their own in-product invoice processing solution in partnership with EzzyBills

This means that Zahara can be used for the whole purchasing process with associated approval workflows, from requisition, to purchase order, to purchase invoice, to export.

What are the benefits of using this as opposed to Receipt Bank – Xero – Zahara?

  • Invoice processing is faster – virtually instantaneous.
  • Line item recognition comes as standard.
  • Purchase order numbers will be read and matched against those outstanding for the matched supplier. They can then match the invoice with the order.
  • More cascading rules.
  • The Xero import is only for Xero of course and this new InvoiceExpress is for every type of finance system.

The steps to using the OCR are similar to other systems

  1. Make sure your business unit address email is populated with any email address invoices will be sent from (separate with semicolon). This includes any email in the business, as well as supplier emails.
  2. Make sure your suppliers have the relevant supplier email addresses against their contact record so that Zahara can recognise the correct supplier.
  3. Generate you unique email-in address – Business > Settings > Invoice Email Address
  4. Email your PDF to your address
  5. OCR will process the invoice and it will appear as a draft in your invoices inbox.
    It is noted that recognition is never 100% accurate so take time to check the values add up.

Still to come with Built-in OCR

  • Bank details validation – we will implement fraud prevention
  • Validations and warning – we will make you aware of issues and warn you of inconsistencies
  • Page splitting – handle multi-page PDF’s that contains more than one invoice
    Multi invoice emails – handle emails with multiple invoices in them

Pricing is based on the number of invoices (any number of pages), and starts at £420 per month for 1,200 invoices.

For further information go to the Zahara help article and watch this video:

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