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What is App Advisory Plus?

We know first-hand from our experiences the power of technology to transform the way businesses operate.

We also know that the App eco-system can be a bit overwhelming and this is the reason we built App Advisory Plus

Our Members get unique access to:

  • A first line App Helpdesk to provide you with support and research to solve your own or your clients App related queries
  • Access to our online member community to share knowledge and experience with your peers
  • Access to our online knowledgebase making it easy for you to find the support and information you need on a range of apps in one consistent format
  • Access to our completely independent app directory containing information on wealth of apps together with reviews, case studies and educational content.
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The power of app advisory

The world has changed for accountants and bookkeepers over the last 10 year or so and the use of cloud accounting tools has changed the way we run our firms and the way our clients are able to run their own businesses.

As advisers to our clients we are well placed to support them to utilise technology to improve efficiency and profitability through the use of apps.

Working with your clients to show them how apps can transform their operations enables you to:

  • Grow your practice revenue through delivery of App Advisory services
  • Strengthen your relationships with your clients by adding new value to their business
  • Help your clients unlock success and reach their full potential

App Advisory Plus has been designed to be your toolkit to offer these new service opportunities to your clients whilst supporting you make better use of technology in your own firm at the same time

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