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We are all well aware of the changes being driven through the accounting profession on the back of technological disruption.

Accountancy firms are seeing downward pressure on traditional compliance fees and need to seek ways to replace this income from other sources. Many believe the way for firms to do this is through development of advisory services.

The cloud based accounting systems have been a catalyst for the growth of add-on Apps to help businesses automate and streamline many elements of business process. This is a key opportunity for accounting firms to support their clients and generate new revenue streams in the process. The challenge however, as with most advisory, is the acquisition of the knowledge and skills required.

To facilitate firms being able to deliver this area of advisory, we would like to introduce you to App Advisory Plus.


App Advisory Plus has been set up on the back of a collaboration between the directors of
Foxability, Fresh Financials and Farnell Clarke.

  • Farnell Clarke

    are a multi award winning accountancy firm having operated as a 100% cloud practice since 2009. Farnell Clarke’s founder Will Farnell has written and published a book on The Digital Firm and is a highly regarded speaker and commentator on the UK accounting profession particularly in respect of digital transformation.

  • Fresh Financials

    are a multi award winning bookkeeping team who have operated 100% in the cloud since 2013 and 100% paper free since 2014. Founder Emma Fox has been working in small business finance since 1995 and is currently changing the face of bookkeeping.

  • Foxability

    helps accountancy firms and their clients, navigate the always evolving app ecosystem. Founder Jonathan Fox, has over 20 years experience in the tech industry with the last 10 dedicated to helping businesses go 100% cloud. Since 2013 he has been helping businesses from Australia, the UK and US, integrate cloud accounting platforms with best of breed apps.

  • Our Founding Members

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App Advisory Plus are building a completely independent app database populated by vetted app partners who have authorised integrations with any of the leading cloud accounting software solutions including Xero, QBO, FreeAgent, Sage and KashFlow. The database will sit on a member community website and will provide a first port of call for firms looking for apps to meet specific client requirements based on platform, industry sector and so forth.

Members (accounting firms) will subscribe to the service giving access to the database, a community platform and a first line support app helpdesk. App Advisory Plus will work with vendors to provide valuable, app specific education content, as well as developing general app implementation and advisory content for members to access to help deliver advisory services to their clients. App Advisory Plus will also develop and build on existing relationships with implementation partners to assist firms in delivering effective and top quality app
implementation for our members.


Over the last few weeks we have been promoting a Founder Member offer to accounting firms as part of our crowdfunding exercise.  We offered 20 spots in exchange for 12 months membership from launch as well as a founder member discount on future annual subscription.  We currently have a small number of slots left.

How do I get involved?

If you are quick you might be able to secure one of our remaining founder member slots.  If however you are not quite ready to commit yet but would like to be kept informed as we prepare for launch in November 2019 please register your details by sending an email to and the team will keep you updated.

We will be sharing details of some launch offers in the coming weeks.


Our Crowdfunding Founder Apps

Over the last few weeks we have spoken to a small handful of App Vendors to make a commitment to our project as part of a crowdfunding exercise.  We have 10 apps committed as category ‘Exclusive’ Founder Apps and a small number of additional non competing apps joining us as ‘Light’ Founder Apps.

We will spend the next 8 weeks or so working with our Exclusive Founder Apps to represent the perspectives of the App community to influence our approach as the App Advisory Plus solution is built ready for launch in early November 2019.

How do we get involved?

As part of delivering our minimum viable product for launch we will be populating our app database with the leading apps from the general ledger eco system so that at launch we are providing information to our members on some 70 or so apps.  The whole premise of App Advisory Plus is that the database is an independent resource and all apps will be subject to a vetting process for inclusion and will be required to agree to working with the AAP team to ensure robust, accurate and up to date content.

Advertising opportunities will be available for apps on the app page to promote offers and promotion to our members.  This is not mandatory and not a condition of listing. We will have offers available for ad space pre launch. All approved apps listed will receive an approved app badge

If you would like to talk to us about being included in the database we would be delighted to chat, please email  us at and one of the team will be in touch.


The target soft launch date for the project with a light solution is 1st September  with a full
launch by 1st November 2019.


To deliver the project in line with the target date of 1st November 2019, App Advisory Plus are
seeking to work with a select and personally invited number of software vendors and a select
and personally invited number of founder members (accounting firms).

For Software vendors, we are offering the opportunity to become founder apps and in exchange for a financial contribution, you will be part of the development sounding board and receive 12 months advertising within the App page to promote offers to our members.
For community members, we are seeking to engage with founder members who will be offered the opportunity to be part of a member development sounding board and receive preferential lifetime member rates in exchange for a discounted year one subscription.


Our members will pay a monthly subscription to the service in the region of £79 per month for up to 3 individuals within a firm. Their subscription will give them access to the community, the education content, implementation plans and frameworks, access to the app support line and a collection of app information in one location. The service is to be a completely independent information resource to support our members to deliver profitable app advisory services to their clients.

For community members, we are seeking to engage with founder members who will be offered the opportunity to be part of a member development sounding board and receive preferential lifetime member rates in exchange for a discounted year one subscription.


App Advisory Plus will develop an app vetting criteria. Apps will then be added to the directory.
It is imperative that there is collaboration with the app vendors to ensure the accuracy of data.
App vendors can review and amend information on their page. App Advisory Plus will actively seek to work with the app vendors to deliver valuable content to our members through webinars and other on and offline events. Vendors will have the option to purchase advertising space on their app page to promote offers to the community.

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