Overall this is a good integration that makes it much easier to manage contact data across both systems, saving time and making life easier! It lays the foundations for the upcoming invoice integration.

AccountancyManager is now the only Practice Management software to have a 2-way contact sync with QuickBooks Online.

Here’s how it works:

Integration Setup

You can integrate AccountancyManager with your QuickBooks Online Accountant portal! (or if you keep your books in one of your client files, you can also connect straight to that).

To integrate AccountancyManager and QuickBooks Online, in AccountancyManager go to Tools > Integrations, and follow these steps:

You will then be told which QuickBooks Contacts have and have not been matched to an AccountancyManager Client, and on an individual basis it is possible to map contacts in each system.

AccountancyManager will show a % match of data between QuickBooks Online and AccountancyManager for each QuickBooks customer that is not yet in AccountancyManager.

You will see the following notification:


All existing AM clients have been matched to a QuickBooks contact! You will need to create the Client on AccountancyManager in order for it to be associated with a QuickBooks Contact.

Client information synced – in both directions

If you makes a change your client’s details in your QuickBooks, these changes will be reflected in the client’s file and portal on AccountancyManager. Thanks to the two-way sync, this works the other way around too. If you make a change in AM – or your client makes a change through the AM portal – the QuickBooks account will also update.

The biggest benefit of synced client fields is the amount of time you and your team will save, not having to update multiple systems. Just make the change on one software.

New clients – added automatically

Once you have integrated, if you add a brand new client to AM, it will automatically be added to QuickBooks.

Both Prospects & Clients will sync from AccountancyManager to QuickBooks Online. It would be useful if there was a setting that either allowed you to:

  • Toggle on/off the sync for Prospects,
  • Toggle sync for each contact (regardless of type), or
  • Preview and alter which contacts sync at the point of sync

If you add your brand new client to QuickBooks first (such as might happen if you’re using GoProposal or Practice Ignition for proposals), they will appear on your AM integration list and you can create the client from QuickBooks Online to AccountancyManager from there.

By default if you’re adding a client from QuickBooks Online to AccountancyManager then they will appear as a ‘Prospect’ with the default client type of ‘Private Limited Company’. It would be useful to be able to choose the client type, however this is easy to change.

What data syncs?

The following data fields will sync between each system:

AccountancyManager Contact Section AccountancyManager Contact Field QuickBooks Online Customer Information
Required Information  Name Display name as
Internal  Notes Notes
Company Details Registered Office Address N/A
Company Details Company Postal Address Billing Address
Company Details Company Email N/A
Company Details Company Email Domain N/A
Company Details Company Telephone N/A
Company Details Company UTR N/A
Main Contact Title, First, Middle, Last Names Title, First, Middle, Last Names
Main Contact Email Email
Main Contact Telephone number Phone
Main Contact Mobile number Mobile
Secondary Contact N/A N/A (QBO only holds data on one contact per customer)
Income Details N/A N/A
Previous Accountant N/A N/A
Other Details Initial Contact = Date synced Date synced
Other Details Website Website
Services Required N/A N/A
Accounts and Returns Details N/A N/A
Confirmation Statement N/A N/A
VAT Details N/A N/A
PAYE Details N/A N/A
Registrations N/A N/A

How often does data sync?

Data is scheduled to sync automatically on an hourly basis in the background.

To initiate an immediate sync at any time you can go into the integrations section of AccountancyManager and hit sync. There is no limit on how often you can do this.

What happens if a sync fails from AccountancyManager to QBO?

If a sync fails then in AccountancyManager a red bar notification will appear in AccountancyManager. Clicking this shows details of what has caused the failure with links to go to the contact and resolve. This will be visible everywhere on the site.

A failed sync will disconnect QuickBooks and AccountancyManager, and provide the option to seamlessly re-authorize the connection and continue as before.

Get Started

If you want to try out the integration yourself, head over to AccountancyManager and start your free 30-Day Free Trial.

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