Pixie is a practice management app for small accounting & bookkeeping firms. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, Pixie packs a powerful punch and can be easily customised to suit your way of working.

There’s less nice-to-have bells and whistles than you might get elsewhere, but what you do get with Pixie is a really strong core-product.  

Features Overview



2-way email integration

Integrate Pixie with your Office365 or Gmail account and enjoy a prioritised and focused inbox within Pixie. Client emails are flagged in a priority folder, and saved directly to the clients records. Turn emails into tasks in just a click and delegate them to other team members.

The email integration is one of the best available for practice management software. 

Automated emails & reminders

Set up automated emails as part of your workflow templates to save time and put your proactive client communication on autopilot. Specific emails can be set to ‘manual’ if you’d prefer to have more control over the contents and which emails are being sent to certain clients.

Bulk send emails

Create saved filters for certain client types e.g. Ltd companies, or Individuals, and then bulk-send emails to them directly from Pixie. All emails will look and feel like they were sent straight from your Office365 or Gmail account.

Contact Management

Client record – Improved visibility

Have clear visibility over your clients, tasks, emails, files and notes all on one simple client record. Emails & files are logged automatically, regardless of who sent them, making it easy for everybody in the firm to see what’s going on.

Multiple client types

Easily keep track of different contact and client types for example Prospects, Ltd Companies, Partnerships, Sole Traders and more. You can easily add more custom client types in the settings.

Unlimited custom fields

You can add an unlimited number of custom fields for both clients and contacts. This allows you to capture and store as much client/contact data in Pixie as you need. All custom fields can then be used as placeholders in automated and manual emails.

Client notes

Easily save notes about your clients directly to their records. Important notes can be pinned so that they feature front-and-centre on the record for all of your team to see. Notes can also be added to specific jobs/tasks.

Work and Work Templates

Customisable workflow templates

Create drag-and-drop workflow templates to suit your way of working. Use automated emails to request information from clients, checklists to create consistency, and embed Loom training videos so that your team always knows what to do.

Simple deadline management

To-do lists can be overwhelming. Pixie simplifies deadline management by showing you and your team the tasks you need to focus on now. Schedule recurring services for your clients, sync the dates with Companies House and let Pixie do the planning for you.

User-friendly client tasks

Send and request documents from your clients securely. Use client tasks to assign checklists that your clients need to complete, and set up auto-reminders to politely nag them until it’s done.


Flexible reporting

Run reports on your current work-in-progress to see which jobs are falling behind and which of your team members have got too much on their plates. Filter by job type, assignee, custom task statuses, deadlines and much more. It’s flexible to your needs.

Custom job tags/status

Pixie allows you to create custom job tags to manage the various stages of your workflow. These can then be used in the reporting to see exactly where things are.


Integrations via Zapier

You can integrate Pixie with GoProposal, Practice Ignition and 1000+ other apps using Zapier. This allows you to create a streamlined end-to-end workflow from onboarding through to job completion.

Companies House

Integrate Pixie with Companies House so that clients can be created using Companies House data, and key dates can be synced direct to clients records.


Clean user-interface 

Pixie is easy on the eye and simple to find your way around. No clunky dashboards, lists, or reports to be found. It can be set up out-of-the-box in hours, not weeks.


Great value

At £49 per month for unlimited users, Pixie offers excellent value for money given the functionality you get, and the rapid rate at which new features are being developed and deployed.

Areas for improvement

Time Tracking

Time tracking is available via an integration with Clockify. However this just saves the time entries against your user. You still need to assign them to a project in Clockify to be useful for reporting purposes.

Unfortunately at this time Clockify does not allow assigning of time records to specific projects via Zapier, so each of the time records needs to be manually assigned to a project. However there are a couple of Zaps that can make things easier

An improved integration to cover clients and work items (projects in Clockify) would enhance the usefulness of this integration. 


Being able to understand team performance at a company-wide and individual level over a period of time is especially important as your team grows and you have more people managing work. 

At the moment the best way to report on information in Pixie is to create a filtered view of their work report and export this as CSV for further analysis. This is a bit of a faff, and whilst Zapier could be used there’s considerable setup work involved. 

Being able to report on average completion time and number of jobs completed before/on/after Target deadlines & Statutory deadlines, per user and firm-wide would be a good starting point. This would improve the scalability of Pixie. 

Integrations with proposal software

Although available via Zapier, direct integrations with Practice Ignition and GoProposal would make life easier for customers of both products. 

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