In summary AutoEntry has an excellent integration with QuickBooks Online. Where it really stands out is the granularity of the integration for the transactions that move through to QuickBooks.

Version Compatibility

AutoEntry is ideal for any client using the Essentials or Plus version of QuickBooks Online, and is especially useful for clients using purchase ordering, and/or tracking inventory in QuickBooks Online.

AutoEntry works with the Simple Start version, but this only supports expense posting due to the limitations of Simple Start. There is no integration with the Self Employed version as QuickBooks do not permit integrations to this product.


Setting up the integration is easy and it integrates with everything you’d expect:

  • Chart of accounts – you can choose which accounts you want to make available to select
  • Suppliers – import existing and create new
  • Customers – track against expenses, bills and credit notes
  • Tax – import existing
  • Multicurrency

Accounts Payable

In terms of accounts payable AutoEntry will integrate with expenses, bills, and supplier credit notes. These are 3 features that differentiate AutoEntry’s QuickBooks integration from Receipt Bank’s:

  • Product/Service integration
    This is available at a line-item level, and it is also possible to set default items for each supplier.

    Not only this but now you can set Line Item Rules per supplier where you can set the product codes in the rule instead of the normal nominal account. Thus updating your inventory correctly with the correct item when the invoice is published through.

    Due to a restriction in QuickBooks Online, AutoEntry can only publish invoices to either Nominal accounts or Item Codes, not both in one invoice.

  • Match to PO
    This is useful where the supplier issues one invoice for the full value of one PO.

    Once an invoice is matched with the PO, the PO will be marked as closed and the memo within the PO itself will note the invoice that the PO has been matched, and closed with. There’s a number of caveats to this:
    – If the invoice is less than the value of the PO, the PO will be marked as closed even though it is not completely fulfilled.
    – Unlike if the invoice had been created from the PO in QuickBooks there will not be a hyperlink to the invoice on the PO, it will just have a memo in the reference.
    It is not possible to match 1 invoice to more than 1 PO.A workaround to these is described further down.
  • Mark bills as already paid
    Most of the time this won’t be necessary as you will use bank feeds to reconcile the payments, however this can be a useful feature if the client is doing this element of the process and you are reconciling, especially if they’re paying off supplier invoices in batches and aren’t good at referencing the invoices.

Tracking for reporting

  • Customer/Project tracking is available at a line-item level, but if you track by customer/project then this automatically makes the transaction lines billable which you may not want. The transaction lines can be amended in QuickBooks Online.
  • Class tracking is available at a line-item level, and you can set up a default class for each supplier.
  • Location tracking is available at document level (QBO limitation), and you can set up a default location for each supplier.

Other standout features

  • File match – AutoEntry will flag invoices/bills that appear to have duplicate transactions within QuickBooks, and if those matching transactions do not already have a file attached (e.g. receipt image), then File-Match will allow you to attach the AutoEntry document file to the accounting software transaction.

Getting round the limitations of PO matching

Where a supplier issues multiple invoices for one PO, in QuickBooks Online, manually copy the PO to bill and enter the partial amount invoiced for each line. Once saved, when you process the invoice through AutoEntry you can use File Match to attach the invoice into QuickBooks without duplicating. This can be repeated until the PO is completely fulfilled.

Support information

AutoEntry maintains excellent self-support information for the QuickBooks Online integration. These are hyperlinked throughout this article, but can also be found by searching their support centre.

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