Who are Arthur?

Arthur is a cloud-based property management system with a functionally-rich suite of apps. By bringing all aspects of property management, including financial management, onto one platform, Arthur allows property managers to boost efficiency and save hours – anywhere, anytime.

How does Arthur help property businesses?

Many property managers and businesses are reliant on outdated legacy systems and spreadsheets to manage their portfolios. These methods are inefficient and increase the risk of errors. Arthur improves efficiency and performance by offering:

  • Apps for every stakeholder – The only software on the market where you can seamlessly manage all stakeholders with dedicated apps.
  • Integrations – Via an open API, clients are able to effortlessly integrate with market-leading apps including Rightmove and Zoopla.
  • Financial management – Arthur is the only property management platform that’s fully integrated with both Xero and QuickBooks making managing finances simple and easy.
  • Automation – Much of the tenant journey can be automated in Arthur, saving clients time and money they can reinvest into expanding their businesses and portfolios
  • Anywhere, anytime – Arthur stores your data securely in the cloud, giving you access when you need it and on any device.

Which clients will benefit from Arthur?

The Arthur software is very adaptable and can easily meet the needs of portfolio types including social, student, commercial, PRS and agencies.

The majority of the portfolios that are managed on Arthur consist of 75+ units, however clients can start from just a few properties.

How does Arthur help accounting firms?

Arthur offers accountants and bookkeepers that manage property portfolios the opportunity to increase the value of what they offer to their clients and expand their business by becoming an Arthur Accredited Adviser.

Being able to combine your existing knowledge of accounting, finance and the property market with Arthur’s specialist systems and ability to integrate with both Xero and QuickBooks, will open up a whole new set of potential clients for your business and help strengthen your relationship with your current clients.

What does it look like to work with Arthur?

As an Arthur Accredited Adviser, you will be able to offer your clients the following services: reconciliation, preparation of reports, restructuring of their accounts to suit their needs, offer advice based on the data in their account, and anything else you usually work with your clients on a day-to-day basis.

Arthur assists the client with the setup by handling the data import, setting up the integrations and providing the initial training of how to use the software.

Once set up, advisers will be able to provide the client with accounting and financial support, while Arthur is on hand to offer support regarding the use of the rest of the software.

Benefits of becoming an adviser

Win new clients
Once you become accredited, you’ll be featured in our Adviser Directory, giving you access to a new set of 1000+ warm prospects who are already in the market for the service, allowing you to grow your business.

Save time for both you and your client
Help your clients manage their properties more effectively by moving them from decentralised and outdated systems to Arthur’s financial management solution, saving you both valuable time.

Arthur is the only property management platform that’s fully integrated with both Xero and QuickBooks. This powerful combination makes managing your clients’ finances simple and easy.

With Arthur, all property-related financial transactions are in one place including rents, contractor invoices, payments, agency fees, portal fees, and owners income. No more separate records that need to be linked, managed and reconciled to produce accounts for property clients.

Retain existing clients
It’s also a fact that it is more expensive and time-consuming to bring onboard a new client than it is to retain an existing client. So being able to offer your clients useful services and solutions they can’t get elsewhere will help you retain your clients and be a real benefit for your business.

Using Arthur’s financial management system means nuisances such as late payments by tenants and missed appointments by contractors can be significantly reduced – giving you a great deal of kudos in the eyes of your property clients.

How do I become an adviser?

We provide regular one-day training courses for new advisers, during which you’ll learn everything you need to know to offer this sophisticated, cloud-based property management solution to your clients. Then all you need to do is pass our test and you’ll be ready to be an Arthur property management software adviser.

Training will cover:

  • Fundamentals of Arthur and its financial functionality
  • Advanced Arthur financial functionality
  • Integrating with Xero and QuickBooks
  • Onboarding tips
  • Understanding the Arthur hierarchy
  • Understanding the Arthur & Xero/QuickBooks relationship
  • Adding Arthur financials – recurring and one-off charges
  • Handling disbursements

Note: agenda can be adjusted on experience

Things to consider before becoming an Arthur Adviser

Given the course lasts for one-day, it is important to weigh up the cost-benefit. Here’s some tips to help you:

  • Consider how many clients you have that might benefit from Arthur
  • Consider whether you want to expand your portfolio of property clients
  • Talk to Arthur about the marketing support they can provide you with
  • Make existing property clients that might be a good fit aware of Arthur and see what response you get

What do accountants say?

Carrie Stokes Ltd.
“Arthur has saved us and our clients countless hours that would have been spent on reconciliation, general paperwork and reporting. We’ve now got so much more time to find new clients and focus on growing our practice.”

Positive Accounting Ltd.
“Our business has almost tripled since we started using Arthur. The team have actively promoted our services to thousands of property managers. These property managers really value having financial advisers with expertise in the specific management software they are using.”

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