Who are XBert?

Founders Troy Brown and Aaron Wittman initially created XBert with AI-audit to increase data integrity within accounting and bookkeeping practices while saving time and reducing manual tasks. However, after speaking with hundreds of accountants, bookkeepers and business owners realised there was so much more that could be done to help practices streamline workflow, enhance their data integrity and quality and grow their advisory.

And so, XBert has evolved into a feature-rich tool that includes hourly AI-Auditing, integrated into task and process automation, analytics, insights, BI reports and more.

How does XBert help accountants and bookkeepers?

With more than 50* unique risk alerts currently (and more being developed all the time), XBert eliminates the need for many time-consuming manual data checks and reduces manual tasks for accountants and bookkeepers, while giving complete confidence in the numbers, reducing review time and the need for rework.

But that’s just the beginning. XBert is a practice management system, designed specifically for the way bookkeepers and accountants work. This includes task and process automation, Template Tasks, Scheduling and complete visibility over your and your team’s work with our Work dashboard. You can create, assign and re-assign Tasks at the click of a button and have complete visibility over your own and your team’s workload with our Team and List view.

Forget jumping in and out of different systems to manage your team or even track your work progress: you’ll find it all within XBert. We’ve even developed a Browser Extension so you can create and assign tasks, while working within your client’s accounting software. Our email integration also allows for simple client collaboration.

XBert goes a step further by providing analytics and BI reports to help you understand the behaviour of your clients uncovering insights for onboarding, billing and much more. These reports include deep insights into your client’s data, such as Banking, Payroll, Invoicing and Billing, as well as a summary of overall data – all at the click of a button. These customizable BI reports allow you to utilise real time data to make informed, data driven decisions; have one click access to Data Health scores and identify areas for bookkeeping improvements.

*Some XBert alerts are country-specific. More for the UK are in development now.

Key features:

  • Hourly audits and XBert alerts for accurate data
  • Collaboration tools to work smarter with team and clients
  • All your clients, processes and tasks on one dashboard
  • Real-time notifications while you work
  • Pre-set processes to save time
  • Accurate insights for better decisions and advice
  • Smarter analytics and BI Reports
  • Attachment audit and added protection
  • Xero Single Sign-On

Which clients will benefit from XBert?

XBert clients are accountants and bookkeepers across all industries. It doesn’t matter what niche market you’re in or what the scale of your business is – if you’re an accountant or bookkeeper, XBert has been developed specifically to help you.

What does it look like to work with XBert?

At XBert we are known for our unique approach to customer support and product development.

We pride ourselves on being a user-led product and feedback features heavily in our development roadmap. We’re highly engaged with our users through private Slack or Teams channels for quick access to the team for feedback and support.

What do XBert users say?

“XBert, Xero, Xeta = 3X the power of your old accounting firm! We tried XBert out on a Friday morning, and after a couple of hours moved our entire firm across – every single client. We shelved our previous project management and practice tools, and began our business anew with XBert. It is flexible, powerful and genius when it comes to managing your clients. The AI tools help keep your client files perfect, and the notifications help manage a large team of people across a massive portfolio of clients. We cannot recommend XBert enough.”
– Zander De Klerk, Xeta.com.au

“We love perfect and XBert helps us do things faster and know it’s right! XBert is vital to our integrity portfolio to deliver a high standard of service and create meaningful value for clients.”
– Dianne McCaffrey, BYO Group

“The efficiencies and savings allow more time for value-adding and advisory work. The Chrome extension that XBert created is an amazing tool that allows us to easily identify an issue and create a task for another team member, all whilst working within Xero.”
– Liam McNamara, Jacquillard Minns

“XBert eliminates that non-billable time I used to waste, and I know I’m providing the cleanest set of books. It’s a really exciting app built for professionals. With Xero and Receipt Bank, I was able to go paperless, now with XBert CONNECT, I can manage work from anywhere.”
– Michele Grisdale, Rainforest Bookkeeping

“We are now managing our month-end checklists through XBert, with the helicopter view reporting so useful for me as a partner. We are now getting our staff to use this as their daily ‘hub’, from dealing with Xero coding issues to checking which organisations have unreconciled items.”
– Brendan Lucas, Hopscotch Accounting

Check out more Case Studies here: https://www.xbert.io/success-stories

Be part of our global expansion.

XBert is on the verge of an official launch into the UK. We’re looking for a limited number of trial users to help us build more UK-specific XBert alerts. If you’re a future-focused practice looking to work with one of the most innovative apps for the accounting industry, contact us for more information at support@xbert.io

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