Significant effort has been put in by the EzzyBills development team to integrate EzzyBills with simPRO. The result is a comprehensive invoice automation solution for simPRO users. Their solution supports many common use cases.

What does EzzyBills do for simPRO users?

  • Eliminate data entry by using EzzyBills to import supplier invoices into simPRO
  • EzzyBills can fill your empty purchase orders with invoice line details.
  • Automate the process of matching invoices with purchase orders
  • You will have the option of using EzzyBills Approval process to approve bills before getting paid.

Check out their instructions for simPRO users to find out more.

For further help:

Watch their webinar recordings:

EzzyBills Webinar: Invoice Automation to simPRO via EzzyBills

Fill/receipt an empty Purchase Order in simPRO (2 minutes)

EzzyBills + Simpro: Receipt purchase order lines automatically with multiple invoices (5 minutes)

EzzyBills + Simpro: EzzyBills Check PO Workflow and How to best use EzzyBills (8 minutes)

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