Xama Onboarding makes the process of AML onboarding and ongoing compliance easy for customers and automated for you.

Xama Onboarding service provides you with an easy way to gather information from your prospective clients. This is done via hosted forms which are further integrated into industry leading partner products.

Historically integrating your onboarding processes with a range of different products would have been expensive and time consuming. However because the system is built around an integration-first principle, it can seamlessly fit into your existing apps and workflows.

Xama uses Zapier to automate AML onboarding and compliance processes, with an integromat integration also planned.

The trigger to kick off the process could come from any event in another app that Zapier is able to recognise. For instance an accepted proposal in Practice Ignition or GoProposal, a new contact being added/updated in FreeAgent, Xero, QuickBooks, Pixie, Senta or Karbon, to name a few, alongside lots of other CRM solutions.

Xama have developed a template process in Zapier that uses Airtable as the central database for AML data, making use of it’s extensive Zapier integration, and ease of use. However the database can also be hosted within another platform such as Senta with the necessary integration capabilities.

Customer reminders to provide their information, as well as internal notifications about the progress of checks, can both be implemented if required.

Whilst the standard process is templated and can be implemented from these templates, it is recommended that an implementation partner is used to setup the system and make sure that it is working correctly.

Overall Xama helps to automate an area that is often neglected because of the time consuming and manual nature of existing solutions, and improves the overall customer experience that is so key in the onboarding phase.

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