Pleo has a functional integration with QuickBooks Online, ideal for expense management that does not require tracking at a customer level.


  • Pleo works with the Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus versions of QuickBooks Online in the UK.

List data

  • Chart of accounts
    Pleo pulls in the COA and allows you to choose the relevant accounts
  • Suppliers
    Pleo does not pull in supplier information, or send suppliers to QuickBooks Online. Expenses are pushed into QuickBooks Online to the Pleo bank account without a supplier
  • Tax
    Pleo pulls in tax rates from QuickBooks

Transaction data

  • Transaction type
    Pleo will only post expense transactions into QuickBooks
  • Multicurrency
    Pleo converts multicurrency purchases back into the base currency of the card
  • Products/services
    At this time Pleo only supports assigning expenses to account codes
  • Attachments
    A copy of the receipt and any other attachments will be synced to the attachments section of the expense in QuickBooks

Tracking data

  • Customer/project tracking
    This is currently in development.
  • Billable
    As there is no customer tracking, expenses cannot be made billable.
  • Class tracking
    This is available at a line item level. However there is no option to set a default class at a supplier level.
  • Location tracking
    This is not currently supported

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