Pleo’s automatic receipt finder Fetch digs out receipts from your email inbox and matches them up to Pleo expenses. so there’s no need to snap a photo or attach a screenshot.

Manage business expenses with Pleo and our automatic receipt finder Fetch

It’s been available to Gmail since earlier this year. And now Fetch works with Outlook and Microsoft 365!

How does it work?

Fetch pairs up the receipt in your Gmail, Outlook or Microsoft 365 inbox with the matching Pleo expense.

  • No need to add a photo
  • No need to attach a screenshot

Fetch doesn’t just search for receipts as they come in. It can sniff out any missing receipts from the last year and notify you when it’s done.

Pleo doesn’t store your emails and Fetch will only retrieve messages that contain receipts.

To find out more about Pleo, check out there directory listing.

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