This update is only available in accounts that have the new Client Billing Schedule enabled. Client Billing Schedule is rolling out to all accounts over the next month.

When creating invoices for work that’s being billed manually, you can now see the “project” that each item relates to. This is particularly important if you’re providing the same service to the same client across multiple projects or scopes of work.

The name that you set when creating the proposal is used as the project name for each item.

View from Trent McLaren

“What the Client Billing Schedule means for you

Foundational to our focus on enabling client-centricity has been the introduction of the Client Billing Schedule as part of the Client view. This update, along with others that will follow, means you’ll have better visibility into the context of your client relationships – at every stage.

Learn why the Client Billing Schedule will enable you to provide an exceptional client experience and see future client billings, invoices and client payments.”

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