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Float is a real-time, visual cash flow forecasting software that gives you a detailed overview of your business’ cash position. Float makes it easy to run different scenarios and answer those what-if questions to effectively plan for potential pitfalls.

Float seamlessly integrates with Xero, QuickBooks Online, and FreeAgent, importing your accounts, transactions, invoices, and bills, so you can easily see how much cash is coming in and going out, giving you an always up-to-date cash flow forecast.

Cash Flow Forecasting Features

  • Accounting Integration
    • Historical actuals
    • Import bills
    • Import chart of accounts
    • Import draft invoices
    • Import invoices
    • Import recurring invoices
    • Import Xero Budget
    • Journals
  • Automatic Predictions
    • Automatic cash flow predictions based on historical data
  • Chart of Accounts
    • Amend order of display
    • Group
  • Comparisons
    • Forecast vs actual
    • Scenario vs scenario
  • Forecast period
    • 36 m
  • Forecast transaction frequency
    • 2-Weekly
    • Annual
    • Daily
    • Monthly
    • Once
    • Quarterly
    • Set end date
    • Weekly
  • Forecast transaction options
    • Amend expected payment dates for existing A/R & A/P invoices
    • Include/ignore existing A/R & A/P invoices
    • Set expected payment dates for A/R & A/P invoices
  • Forecast transaction values
    • Fixed value
    • Repeat transaction with decreasing transaction value % / £
    • Repeat transaction with increasing value % / £
  • Forecast view period
    • Daily / Weekly
    • Monthly
  • Scenarios
    • Add scenario to base forecast
    • Create from actuals
    • Create from scratch
    • Include forecasts from other scenarios in new scenario
    • Include a single scenario
    • Include multiple scenarios
    • Quickly adjust overall base forecast (i.e. increase sales/cos by X%)
  • Transaction options
    • Expected payment dates
    • Foreign currency transactions
    • Set expected payment dates for A/R & A/P invoices
Cost (from)
14 day free trial, fully functional, no credit/debit card required, 30 day free trial, fully functional, no credit/debit card required
Partner Program
Advisor partner
Free Practice Subscription
Accounting Software
FreeAgent, QuickBooks Online, Xero
Data Sync
Daily, Manual, Real Time
Mobile OS Compatibility
No mobile app
Head Office
Edinburgh (UK)
Edinburgh (UK)
Geographies Served
Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, UK, USA
Support Channels
Email, Live Chat, Web Form
Support Availability
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Self Guided, Vendor Led
Two Factor Authentication
App Category
Cash Flow Forecasting
Client Sector
Accounting and Bookkeeping, Agriculture, Construction, Contracting Services, Creative Agencies, Education, Engineering, Entertainment, Event Management, Franchising, Government Bodies, Healthcare, Hospitality, Insurance, IT and Telecomms, Legal Service, Manufacturing, Marine, Media, Motor, Not For Profit, Other, Professional Services, Public Relations, Real Estate and Property, Retail, Sport and Recreation, Technology, Tourism, Trades, Transport, Wholesale