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Zahara automates procure-to-pay processes to deliver real time visibility & centralised control of company purchasing.

Zahara’s cloud based platform is a great way for companies to manage budgets, set contract pricing from approved suppliers, control employee purchase requisitions, enforce approval workflows, track deliveries & reduce the time spent managing supplier invoices.

Zahara integrates with most leading accounting software such as Sage, Xero, QuickBooks & Pegasus Opera & seamlessly works with data capture & OCR technologies such as Smart Invoice & ABBYY Flexicapture.

Zahara can be accessed from the office, remotely or while on the road, making Zahara perfect for multi-site organisations such as construction, care homes, sports & arts, hospitality groups & retailers.

Employees can select products & services at pre-negotiated prices from approved suppliers or raise a purchase request for approval. Zahara streamlines the process of raising, approving & issuing purchase orders to suppliers & ensures deliveries reconcile with orders.

Financial managers can set up & manage budgets & define sophisticated approvals workflows. Staff are released from manual purchase invoice processing thanks to Zahara’s automated matching, reconciliation & approvals. With Zahara’s seamless integration into accounting software, financial managers have real time visibility & centralised control of the entire procure-to-pay process.

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