Scott’s Add-ins are in the holiday spirit . But sending cheese logs and nuts from the States, to their customers in Hong Kong, London, Sydney, and Auckland, is a bit problematic.

Instead, they are sending a powerful Excel template your way. This P&L template that uses Scott’s functions, was created at Full Stack Modeller. The template incorporates really great reporting controls, and some sophisticated formulas that you may find useful.

You can download the template, FSM-Simple-PL-Model-Scotts-V1.0.xlsx from the Scott’s Add-in template page.

The Full Stack Modeller team will be joining Scotts Add-ins for a webinar, early in 2021, to walk thru the design considerations of the template, and answer any questions you might have.

In the meantime,  visit their site, and learn more about their educational opportunities for Financial Modelling.

Lastly, if you have a template that you would like to share with the Scott’s community, by all means, send it their way!

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