simPRO Data Feed extracts data from emails and attached documents, including PDFs, CSVs, Excel spreadsheets, and text files, to automatically generate new workflows in your simPRO build and save time on manual entry.

The following fields of information can be populated in a simPRO supplier invoice using data extracted in simPRO Data Feed:

  • Invoice number
  • Order number
  • Date issued
  • Items received
  • Accounting Category
  • Notes

simPRO have made a number of updates to improve this process:

Process multiple PDFs for supplier invoice feeds
Your suppliers can send an email to Data Feed with multiple supplier invoices attached, meaning less manual uploading for you!

Process multiple supplier invoices in a single PDF document
Data Feed can also detect if there are multiple supplier invoices within the same PDF document – saving you time and effort.

Detect non-existent catalogue items
If Data Feed finds a catalogue item that doesn’t exist in the simPRO while processing a supplier invoice, you are prompted to continue or stop the process. This feature improves the efficiency and reduces the chance of discrepancies in your feeds.

Populate accounting categories on supplier invoices
Data Feed now allows accounting categories to be added to supplier invoices, so you can more easily track profit and loss of different accounting categories.

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