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In October Soldo launched 3D Secure (3DS) technology, an extension of Stronger Customer Authentication measures already introduced, to make your online payments more secure.

You’ll now need to verify your identity for most online transactions you make using a Soldo card. You’ll be prompted to pick your preferred verification method each time:

  • a push notification from your Soldo mobile app that you need to approve
  • an SMS with a code you need to enter on the checkout page.

The payment won’t be complete until you’ve verified your identity using one of these methods.

These enhancements will help Soldo confirm that it’s you, not someone else, that’s using the card.

3DS will be enabled automatically. But if you haven’t already, check that your mobile number and the numbers of anyone you manage are up to date in Soldo. And if your company uses expense centres, make sure you’re set as an assignee on any expense centre cards you’re likely to use for online payments.

Read this article and contact your Soldo admin if you have any questions about this.

Find out more about Soldo’s 3DS technology.

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