We’ve recently been working on a project to streamline workflows for a business that uses WooCommerce to sell training courses. They only have one online channel, but track sales against multiple sales accounts.

As part of this we investigated the WooCommerce to Xero integration, developed by WooCommerce. Here’s an example of the settings fields that are available:

Limitations & Benefits

The integration has the various limitations:

  • One sales account
  • No tracking categories integration
  • No batching (customers/invoices)

However a benefit of the integration is its low cost, at $79 which includes 1 year of support updates. This doesn’t mean that it won’t work after a year, it just means that if something goes wrong then you can’t get help, or if your version of WooCommerce is updated beyond the version of your plugin being supported, it will stop working then.


Specifically for this project we needed to overcome the limitation of integration with only one sales account.

We started by creating a new sales account in Xero called ‘To be allocated’.

We then investigated whether it would be possible to use Zapier to update the invoice once created, however this is not a standard action option via Zapier’s Xero integration.  It would be possible to use Zapier for the complete integration, but in this instance we used Integromat.

Integromat is an application like Zapier, but with a much better developed Xero integration. The setup allows you to update Xero invoices when new ones are raised.

Whenever a new invoice is raised in Xero and has the account ‘To be allocated’, a search of the type of product is performed and then the invoice is updated to the appropriate sales account.

The monthly costs of Integromat may turn out to be 0 or $9, whereas Zapier would be $20, so overall costs are comparable for using the WooCommerce Xero plugin and Integromat, or using Zapier.

Get Support

If you have a similar issue with a WooCommerce integration to Xero and would like help automating more, please get in touch.

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