Delivering World-Class Client Experience

Take a short moment to recall the last time you had a really great experience as a customer. and how that experience made you feel. And did you tell someone else about it?

It’s the same for your clients… With their expectations becoming increasingly sophisticated, delivering a proactive, responsive and personalised service is key. It’s the most effective way to achieve high customer satisfaction, higher fees and an active referral pipeline.

Will Farnell will discuss this topic with Celso Pinto, Founder and CEO of Pixie, and they will delve deeper in to:

– What it takes to create a world-class customer experience
– The secrets to scaling it through automation
– The benefits to you and your firm

You should attend if:

– You’re looking for inspiring examples of what great customer experience can look like
– You’re unsure about how to automate personalised customer touchpoints
– You want to streamline workflows and eliminate manual admin
– You’d like to remove friction from client collaboration
– Revenue expansion is on your radar and you’re looking for ideas to pursue this

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