SmartVault is a secure, cloud-based document management and storage solution built for the unique security, compliance, and workflow needs of financial and business professionals.

It can be broken up into three key product features:

Online document storage

A top-of-class option for storing documents in the cloud without compromising on the security, compliance, and productivity features you need to run your business. SmartVault uses bank-level encryption and backs up automatically, with their desktop tools running at speeds comparable to working locally.

When exploring the platform, you’ll see that you can create your own bespoke folder structures that work for your business, which is great for organising your documents in the way you need. Another great feature is the ability to auto-route documents to the correct folder when required. And with full-text search, you can be sure you’ll never lose a document again.

It’s very straightforward to save files easily from any application using their PDF printer option, or go deeper with one of their many integrations. Then pull your documents straight from the cloud on any device connected to the internet.

It’s also good to see that files lock for editing when you open them, and previous versions of files can be retrieved easily, meaning GDPR compliance and managing access rights is simple.

Client portal

SmartVault features a fully-brandable client portal which means exchanging documents with your customers looks professional and slick. Your clients get their own unique login (free of charge), and can securely access files 24/7.

If your documents require a signature, you can have clients sign directly in the portal, eliminating additional steps and saving time for both you and your client. Plus, automated alerts tell you when files are uploaded or downloaded.

Secure file sharing

With SmartVault, your documents are encrypted in transit and at rest using bank-standard AES-256 bit encryption. You have the ability to generate time stamped reports that tell you who accessed, uploaded or modified files – helping keep you compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA or GLBA.

Advanced user permissions means you can control who has access to what file, and what permissions they have. Choose from Read, Write, Create, and Delete access.

The option to turn on two-factor authentication is a great added benefit, and of course one that should always be chosen.

And finally, if your clients aren’t keen on using the client portal, SmartVault also gives you the option to send files securely over email as an encrypted, password-protected file.


SmartVault integrates with some of the leading business software including TaxCalc, Xero, QuickBooks, Docusign, Outlook, Salesforce and more. It would be good to have more integrations available in the UK, however the PDF printer option means you can move documents easily between applications even without a full integration.

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